Our Fairfield community fondly remembers the Spring Raffle “back in the day”, and due to the great success of our revived inaugural event three years ago, this Virtual Gala Event will continue as an annual tradition.

Join us this year for a family-friendly online celebration, and at the same time you might even win an Airbnb vacation or a BOSE Home Theater System! Designed to unite our global school community, it will feature pre-recorded video messages and entertainment from several alumni, as well as Dr. Beall and Maharishi School students. Lots of Bonus Giveaways will be drawn throughout the evening, all leading up to the announcement of our five Grand Prize winners. Our hosts will keep you laughing and entertained up until the very end.


Participants can choose to purchase tickets for one or more of our FIVE amazing prizes, including:

  • AIRBNB: $1,000 Vacation Credit
  • AVENTON: Soltera.2 Ebike
  • EASYPLANT: $500 Gift Certificate 
  • BOSE: Deluxe Home Theater System
  • TICKETMASTER: $500 Gift Certificate


Bundle your tickets to win one Grand Prize and increase your chances of winning that dream vacation — or spread out your purchases and buy any number of tickets for several different prizes. Lots of choices, lots of amazing prizes!


Saturday Evening: May 18, 2024

Time: 6:30pm CDT

Your Hosts: Join Class of 2023 most recent graduates, including: Polo Altynski-Ross, Devrishi Eisner, Sara Quevedo-Valls, and Gabriel Roesler. They are certain to entertain you, make you laugh, and keep you guessing who will win that next prize!

Alumni Talk: Throughout the evening, hear what several alumni are up to, and what this past year has been like in their personal and/or professional life. Hear stories of their earlier days at Maharishi School and enjoy entertainment from some of our former students.

Maharishi School TODAY: You’ll hear what our Upper School students have to say, and will be joined by Dr. Beall, who will describe what’s changed at Maharishi School over the years. Learn about our growing Boarding School program, as well as the new Educational Savings Account (ESA) or “voucher” plan for Iowa students.

Win a Bonus Giveaway: Throughout the evening, participate in the opportunity to win a Giveaway, many donated by alumni; including great restaurant and store gift certificates, “pamper” packages, gemstone earrings and much, much more! WINNERS OF THESE GIVEAWAYS ARE ONLY ELIGIBLE IF ONLINE FOR THE MAY 18 EVENT.

Grand Prizes: The evening will culminate with selecting our FIVE Grand Prize Raffle winners. Will you be the winner of an Aventon ebike, or are you destined to win that much-needed vacation? Or maybe you’ll be the lucky one to have your choice of where to go for your next live concert or sports event!

Click Here to view prizes and purchase tickets.

For questions or more information, please contact Laura Bordow: lbordow@maharishischool.org