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Pioneer Tennis Announcements

Meet the tennis coaches This year we have 2 very reputable coaches teaching the Maharishi School Pioneer tennis teams. On the Pioneer girls’ team, we have Coach Lawrence Eyre, who is both a school teacher and tennis pro and has received the Gold Star Award (making him one of only 100 people to receive such […]

Robotics at Maharishi School

Maharishi School is not new to robotics as this is their sixth year participating in the First Tech Challenge. This year’s team has eight members, five of whom are participating for the first time, and two of which have been participating for three previous years. In terms of skills and interest, this may be the […]

Unleash Your Creativity

Project-Based Learning: Discover and test-drive your passions Each project is either designed by a teacher or proposed by the student at the conception stage and addresses an authentic, engaging and complex question, problem, or challenge. The students work either independently or in small teams and exercise real-life skills in their areas of interest while being […]

The Sisterhood of the Girls Who Code

Starting a Girls Who Code Club in Fairfield, Iowa Girls Who Code (GWC) is an international non-profit organization whose programs educate, equip, and inspire girls with computing skills they’ll need to pursue 21st-century career opportunities. Maharishi School student Shristi Sharma has been a self-taught coder since the 4th grade when she heard about a GWC club that […]

What’s Working At Maharishi School Like?

WHAT ARE PEOPLE SAYING ABOUT WORKING AT OUR SCHOOL? Hearing from the teachers who work with the students, and from the staff who make it all possible, is a unique window into the life of Maharishi School. Their words will resonate in your heart as they express their genuine thoughts for the work they do. […]

Hands-On Learning in Middle School

Sheila Higgins gets Middle Schoolers hands dirty with hands-on learning In my experience, middle school students naturally resonate with the open-ended structure of hands-on learning. They’re more excited about, engaged with, and invested in the learning process when they’re given the freedom to actively create their own knowledge, rather than passively consuming it.  Hands-on learning […]

What is Project Period?

Project-Based Learning: Discover and test-drive your passions Upper School students are given 70 minutes to work on a passion project 3 days each week. They problem-solve, experiment, falter and keep striving. Through the process, they learn real-world skills that will serve them when they are adults working on projects at their workplaces. Each project is […]

From Maharishi School to Princeton

Yenet Tafeese graduated from Maharishi School, six feet apart from her friends in the summer of 2020. What is she doing now you might ask? Well, she’s currently in the process of taking her mid-terms at Princeton, one of 12 Ivy League universities in the United States. I was lucky enough to steal a few moments […]

Top 10 Achievements from Maharishi School

Teacher’s Holiday Party 2020       Top 10 Achievements for 1st Semester 2020-2021 Outside is the joy of the drop. Inside is the joy of the ocean. —Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Head of School Dr. Richard Beall 1. During the summer of 2020, prior to the opening of school, we formed a COVID task force […]