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Alumni Spotlight: Owen Blake

What is Maharishi School alumni Owen Blake up to? When catching up with Maharishi School alumni I often find them in very diverse career paths, from designing life saving technology , to creating a new venture capital start-up company, our alumni are doing great things. One of those who are on the entrepreneurial scene is […]

Why Shoes? The Story of Micro-Enterprise

This years Raise Craze is focused around shoe donations and you may be curious as to what that’s all about. According to a report from the Environmental Protection Agency, in 2015: • Textiles, including shoes and clothing, represented 16.03M tons and 65.7% of content in landfills. • In the U.S., each individual produces 4.48 pounds […]

What the Pandemic Taught Us

Learning from a crises With the Fall school year rapidly approaching, it seems like a good time to reflect on the past and what we’ve learned. One of the biggest lessons of the last year for parents and school administrators alike is how hard teaching is during a pandemic! Not only did teachers have to […]

Great Places to Eat Outdoors in Fairfield

Want to go out to eat but don’t feel comfortable with enclosed spaces? With covid precautions loosening in Iowa, it is normal to feel apprehensive about going out again. A great way to get outside while maintaining a safe distance from others is to enjoy your favorite food outdoors! Here are some delicious local restaurants […]

Newsletter Team Introductions

Meet the team While the entire CCLS class contributes to the newsletter there are three main editors who decide the content for the newsletter—for example, the funnies, puzzles, and articles. Faeven Gebremariam My name is Faeven Gebremariam, and I am a sixth-grader at Maharishi School. I have been at Maharishi School all my life, and […]