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Middle School Empty Bowls Project

Empty Bowls The core purpose of the Empty Bowl project, was for the students to raise money for local food banks as well as food for the  international community, while working on project management skills. While our 8th graders worked on various layers of the project to ensure its financial success—it was more than tallying […]

Top 10 Achievements for 1st Semester

Maharishi School Top 10 On January 12th we honored Maharishi in our traditional Founder’s Day celebration, by recognizing our successes of the past semester, and making wishes for the new year. Your support has given children access to the #1 ranked Private School in Iowa and the benefits of Consciousness-Based education. Thank you for helping […]

Ten Tips to Prepare for College

It’s not to early to be thinking about… Utilize AP courses to your advantage but don’t let AP pursuits come at a cost to your grand point average (GPA). Look for mentors in a field that you can see yourself doing, it helps you start making learning how to network while getting more comfortable at approaching […]

The Four Prides at Maharishi School

Curious about the four Prides? The Pioneer is our school mascot and we divided the pioneer into four different qualities, thus the four different prides. Trailblazer, innovator, adventurer, and visionary. The Pride system at Maharishi School serves many purposes to unify the whole school from Kindergarten through 12th grade. Offering Pride related events serves as […]

After School Activities Log

While the school day is filled with a busy schedule of math, sciences, writing and projects, we understand that each child may have a desire to go more in depth into an area or personal hobby. Check out this list of fun after school activities that your child can get involved in right here in […]

Ukrainian Students Share their Rich Culture with Food

Their story Mariia, Sviatoslav, and Olena are Ukrainian students who fled their homes with their mothers and siblings. Their fathers have stayed behind to fight in the war. They were living as refugees in Turkey and western Ukraine with nothing more than what fit in their backpacks when they left. Like all Ukrainian students, they […]

What is CCLS?

In addition to our students’ practice of Transcendental Meditation, we have a unique course that distinguishes our Consciousness-Based Education approach. It’s called Consciousness, Connections, and Life Skills. As the title implies, the course has three interrelated aspects: 1) Consciousness: deepening students’ understanding and experience of consciousness Topics: practice of Transcendental Mediation, yoga, pranayama (breathing technique), advanced TM […]

Getting to Know Nuwaira

Message from Nuwaira I have often asked myself the question- “What is the purpose of education?” Is it to prepare children for jobs and careers which will give them financial security and the ability to procure materialistic comforts or is it about preparing them for ‘life’ which is beyond comforts, materialistic possessions, power, pleasure, contentment […]