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School in the Time of a Pandemic

Things are different this year… It’s two weeks into the 2020 school year at Maharishi School and the students are just starting to settle into their new way of learning in a pandemic. For some that means social distancing and wearing a mask inside the classroom with their peers, for others that means staying home […]

NY Times Article: The 2020 Back-to-School List for Teens’ Emotional Well-Being

Forget backpacks and binders. Here are the essentials teenagers will need for the strange school year ahead. By Lisa Damour In a sea of Covid-19 confusion, this seems certain: The pandemic will disrupt school this fall. Attending school part-time, sporadically as viral outbreaks allow, or completely remotely may make excellent medical sense. But learning from […]

Interviewing Susan Harper the New K-2 Grade Montessori Teacher

Have you met Susan Harper? I had the great honor of interviewing a new teacher at Maharishi School, Susan Harper. Read this blog to get to know her and find out how she’s invigorating the Kindergarten through second grade program at our school! “Susan, can you tell us about your background in Montessori ?” I […]

Becoming A Big Fish: A Shark Tank-like Event

What is Shark Tank? Modeled after the popular TV show “Shark Tank,” five student finalists pitched their best creative ideas to a panel of expert entrepreneurial judges, competing for cash prizes, scholarships, and top business feedback. Maharishi International University held their own event called “Becoming A Big Fish: A Shark Tank-like Event,” featuring business feedback […]

Summertime for Boarding Students: Pandemic Edition

Have you been wondering what our boarding students are doing this summer? Given the restrictions on gatherings of large groups, and considering the safety and protection of our boarding students, we’re still able to provide them a fun and active summertime experience! Read this blog to see how we’ve modified our summer schedule to suit […]

8 Businesses to Work at in Fairfield

Interested in relocating to Fairfield? We understand that when it comes to your family, that safety and a good education are the most important things you will be looking for when you are ready to move. Sometimes city life just isn’t suiting the needs of your family anymore. That’s why we’ve put together some information […]