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School Safety – It’s Important To Us Too

School Safety In the last decade, school safety has become an increasingly relevant topic. Schools are going to great lengths to ensure their students’ safety in the event of an emergency. Maharishi School is no exception to that effort. Recently, our students have been working alongside our faculty and staff to improve school safety and security. We […]

We Are All Connected

We’re All Connected to Everything  You might not be surprised that we are all connected. There are lots of theories about the depths of our connectivity. For example, one of the most famous theories of connectivity is the Six Degrees of Separation. This theory states that everything within the world, specifically people, are connected within six […]

Do Students and Teachers Feel Safe in Their Schools Across the U.S.?

  The School Safety Conversation If you have turned on the news, checked social media, or even listened to a conversation next to you at your local coffee shop, you know school safety is on everyone’s minds. It’s definitely on our minds. You can read more about our ongoing safety efforts here, but let’s talk […]

What are Advanced Techniques?

Maharishi School and Advanced Meditation Techniques At Maharishi School, we practice a form of meditation called the Transcendental Meditation technique®, or TM. To transcend, by definition, means to go beyond human limitations and to break boundaries. At Maharishi School, we teach you a technique to break internal boundaries and to sink deep into yourself, to tap […]