Rohini Grace: Sharing the Magic of India

Rohini Kozimor Grace is a 1995 graduate of Maharishi School. She is also an alumna of MUM, and was recently profiled in MUM’s online publication MUM Achievements. The article is printed below.

MUM alumna Rohini Grace was born in India and grew up in Australia and Fairfield, Iowa. It wasn’t until she graduated from MUM that she returned to India and became so enchanted with her country of birth that she stayed for the next four years.

Rohini received two degrees from MUM: a BA in Literature in 1999 and an MA in Professional Writing in 2001. After a two-year stint of writing for a natural health publication, she went to India and worked as a fashion scout for an international design company, visiting markets and clothing factories and reporting on the latest trends. She also volunteered at a village school, teaching English and horseback riding and coaching basketball.

When she returned to Boulder, Colorado, Rohini traveled again to India several times a year for work and pleasure. She traveled extensively throughout the country, visiting temples, ancient places, and natural wonders. “I found India such a fascinating country,” she said. “It’s so diverse and unique. So chaotic and colorful and so a thousand percent different from any other place on earth.”

After 10 years of shuttling back and forth between the East and the West, she decided to share the magic she discovered with others. In 2013, she founded Goddess Travels, a boutique luxury tour company offering trips to India that highlight some known wonders and many lesser known treasures off the beaten path.

Her trips to India also inspired Rohini to start writing again. She has been working on a fictionalized memoir based on her experiences in India. “I really enjoyed my writing program at MUM,” said Rohini. “That program coupled with my adventures propelled me into writing my book. India is the type of country that will transform your life and truly speak to your soul.”

During her time at MUM, Rohini also enjoyed the integration of the Transcendental Meditation® program into her daily life. “One of the great things about MUM was the routine and discipline, because that carried over into my life afterward and it’s been really beneficial,” she said.