Private Boarding School in Iowa Achievements

 private boarding iowaTop 10 Achievements for 1st Semester at Maharishi School 2021-2022

Today, as we recognize our successes of the past semester. Your support has given children access to the #1 ranked private school in Iowa and the benefits of Consciousness-Based education. That is the foundation for all of our achievements as we close out 2021.


Richard Beall maskedNothing is more important–especially in this Covid climate–than the health and well being of our students, staff, faculty, and families. Although we’ve had cases occur, we’re holding strong to the safety standards that allow our in-person learning to continue. Someday we hope our masks will be relics of a by-gone era, but for now, we’ll share our colors and our care for each other proudly.


In 2022, Maharishi School ranked #1 Best Iowa K-12 Private School, #1 Best Iowa High School for STEM, #1 Most Diverse Iowabest school iowa School and #1 Best Iowa Boarding School. We ranked #2 in Iowa for Best College Prep and in the Top 6% of US Private Schools. For more details click here: NICHE #1 for Maharishi School


Being ranked as the #1 Most Diverse Private High School in Iowa (of 51) is a huge benefit for our students as they prepare to navigate through our multicultural society and world. In our dorm alone we currently have boarding students from China, Germany, Korea, Mauritius, Tanzania, and the United States.

4.robotics team

Our team in the national FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Robotics Competition won an Alliance trophy, posted the top score at the district event, and move on to the Super-Qualifier in February. Our multicultural team has members from grades 8-12.


Our Preschool is thriving. Multi-aged classrooms allow older students to assist younger students by modeling challenging tasks. The children are encouraged to develop self-reliance, self-sufficiency, and independence, which are natural tendencies at this stage of their development. The ability to do things for oneself develops self-confidence and brings joy to the child.covid mask lower school


Children are curious about the world around them. The Lower School science curriculum uses the Mystery Science program to allow the child to answer these questions, using a hands-on and child-centered approach to learning science.


The Middle School has established its own Student Council, tasked with sponsoring activities (such as movie and game nights) and emceeing their own assemblies. Every member of the 8th grade class has a leadership role and the other classes have elected representatives. English teacher Tom Corbett is their advisor.

transcendental meditation


On January 8, four Upper School students in 11th grade graduated from the TM-Sidhi program, which includes Yogic Flying. These students are now practicing the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi programs regularly in our Hall of Bliss, bringing greater coherence and harmony to their daily life. They include Polo Altynski-Ross, Devrishi Eisner, Mekhi Kahiu, and Jayanta Wegman.


Raise Craze was a HUGE success. Students asked friends and family to donate to Maharishi School, and as a way to pay their generosity forward, they performed Acts of Kindness for others. Far surpassing our goal and raising $29,033, our students also performed 782 Acts of Kindness, and school-wide collected 975 pairs of shoes, helping needy people throughout the world.

private boarding students


Maharishi School is deeply grateful for the support shown during our December “Season of Giving” campaign. Our Development Team together with your help, raised $53,383 through Giving Tuesday and Matching Funds–more than we ever thought possible.


Thank you all for your
wonderful support!
Cheers to your good health, happiness, and abundance in 2022!

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Becoming A Big Fish: A Shark Tank-like Event

What is Shark Tank?

Modeled after the popular TV show “Shark Tank,” five student finalists pitched their best creative

ideas to a panel of expert entrepreneurial judges, competing for cash prizes, scholarships, and top business feedback.

Maharishi International University held their own event called “Becoming A Big Fish: A Shark Tank-like Event,” featuring business feedback from the original “shark” on Shark Tank, Kevin Harrington.

Maharishi School students selected as finalists

We are proud to announce that two of our Maharishi School students, Lily Fenton and Shristi Sharma, have been selected as finalists in the Becoming a Big Fish Shark Tank Event! Their concepts are extremely innovative and practical for our world today.

Lily talks about her design, “My idea was to limit distracted driving especially concerning taking hands off the steering wheel by creating a device that warns drivers when their hands are out of the correct driving position.”

Shristi received a 500$ scholarship from MIU for her work, she is currently researching and using her technical skills to create projects with a crossover between psychology, computer science, and cybersecurity, to benefit the community and the world.

Another of our students, Polo Altynski, was selected as the alternate should any of the top five finalists be unable to participate.

Watch the video of the presentations for the panel of judges here, our students are represented at 1:14:20.

maharishi school student finalist on shark tank event

Shristi Sharma with Cliff Rose and Vicki Alexandar.


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Presented by MIU’s Concept to Market program:

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Exciting News – #1 Ranking!

Exciting News – #1 Ranking!

As the new school year begins, we are looking forward to updating our wider community of the exciting things happening around the school!

First, we are excited to announce Maharishi School’s number one ranking! According to, Maharishi School is the #1 Private K-12 School in Iowa. In addition to that, we have receive #1 rankings in several other categories:

  • Most Diverse Private High School in Iowa
  • Best Private High School in Iowa
  • Best Boarding School in Iowa

We received several other rankings:

  • #2 Best College Prep Private High School in Iowa
  • #5 Best High School for STEM in Iowa

View our certificate here: Niche 2019 Certificate #1 Private High School

We are honored and excited to be recognized for our innovation, insight, and success in education. We have our staff and faculty to thank. Each day, they work hard to instill trust in education in their students, to spur our students on to greatness, and to encourage passion and originality in our students – preparing them for future success.

To our current and past students, we are so proud of where you are, who you are, and all that you have and will accomplish. You have been our purpose and motivation as we refine our vision and the direction we pursue. You are the oxygen that allows the organism of Maharishi School to exist. We cherish each one of you.

We do not take our ranking lightly. We appreciate the recognition of our hard work, but we will continue to strive for more. We will not settle, and we will not grow stagnant. This is evidenced by the many new and innovative projects and initiatives we are introducing this year. We will keep you updated!


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Make Your Self-Care Routine More Meaningful Than a Face Mask

Where is the Self-Care Movement Now?

It’s 2018. It seems as though everyone is on a quest for self-improvement. In a way, that’s encouraging. Finally, we are collectively caring a little more about our mental health, spiritual health, and emotional health. The understanding that food matters is spreading, and people are taking a hard look at what that means. Although most of this seems positive, it can leave us feeling empty. After a while, we see the holes in the self-care paradigm, and we are left feeling like there should be more to the story. Well, there is…


The thing the self-care, self-help, self-love movements often leave behind is the inner self, the true self. Now, there certainly is an uptick in “looking within” ideologies, but knowing yourself is still often undervalued. How are we supposed to be true to ourselves, to care for ourselves, to improve ourselves, if we have never taken a single quiet moment to get to know that person?

The Reality of A Busy Life

Life is so busy. Adding a more intense skincare routine to that in the name of self-love does not lessen the stress of life. These things have their own value and sense of fulfillment, but fulfillment that transcends emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental states comes from getting to know the person underneath all of that. When we quiet our worlds (yes, it’s a learned skill, but you can do it) long enough to meet the person who exists under all of life’s circumstances, we bring forth the quietness into our being, our routine, and spread it around to encourage others to do the same. Now, that definitely sounds like a movement worth spreading around – finding our own inner self and fulfillment. 

Girls sit together


Make Your Own Quiet

So how do we get to this quiet place? Well, the answer is simple – meditation. There are a lot of options out there so do what works best for you, but one technique many people (and science) have found to be beneficial is the Transcendental Meditation® (TM) technique or TM for short. The TM technique provides a way to access the quietness within and lets you access your inner self. This then spreads to every part of life, becoming the base from which all self-improvement efforts can stem. Suddenly those face masks and bubble baths have a deeper meaning because you have tapped into the source of stillness, fulfillment, and energy – yourself.


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So Your Child is Attending Private School – Here’s How to Prepare

So you are planning to send your child to private school next year? You are probably feeling nervous. You are probably wondering if your child is nervous. You worry that there might be something you forget or overlook because you can’t anticipate everything that might be different about private school. All of this is normal. Don’t worry, regardless of where your child plans to attend school, everyone wants you as prepared as possible. No question is a new question. Hopefully the information that follows is helpful to ease some worry and anxiety!


What to Wear

Private schools tend to have dress codes. Most are fairly simple, but some require clothing with the school logo. If the school your child is attending requires a specific logo or emblem on the clothing, they will direct you to the place you can purchase this article of clothing. For example, at Maharishi School, we go through Lands’ End for our school uniforms. We provide a special link to our uniforms


What to Bring

Just like at public school, private schools have school supply lists. Each grade level at each school is slightly different, but they lists tend to be predictable. Older kids need special calculators; younger kids need crayons and colored pencils. None of that is a surprise. Feel free to view our supply list as an example. We have a few lists for our different age groups.


What to Expect

Each private school is different. Each school starts on a slightly different date, but usually in August or September. Usually there are a few different school breaks throughout the year. There are different extracurricular activities for each school. The best place to turn is your school’s calendar. It will give you the best picture of what is going on throughout the school year, what dates to put on your calendar, and when events take place.

Although the atmosphere within each school is different, expect private schools to be a little smaller, to have a tight knit community, and to have it’s own sort of dynamic. One thing you should absolutely expect is to feel welcomed by your school, to feel at home, and to feel included. If you are not feeling like this within your school, please consider it the school’s mistake, not your own. There are other options out there. Read about one here.

In summary, private schools are different but not that different. There are many, many benefits to private schooling, and each one is unique. However, all schools are here to educate. That is the important thing to remember. Take comfort knowing that everything will be okay. To be prepared, read the material your school provides. If you have questions, ask them. Make sure you feel welcome and included in your schools community.


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How Do We Put Passion Back into Education?

Passion In Work

The other day, I was filling out some paperwork, organizing some things in my office, and working on a project that wasn’t the most exciting to be doing. It was hard to focus, but I had so much to get done. Now, I am an adult, but I had a hard time getting all my work done. I had a hard time focusing, and I struggled to manage my time. Eventually, everything got done, but it got me thinking about how we ask children and teens to do this all the time in school (or most schools and teachers do). We ask them to complete work, focus on subjects, sit still, learn, and to do it all in a timely manner. However, a lot of students resist. Most end up doing their work, but even those students would likely do better if we approached education in a different way.

In both my situation and the educational expectations of our kids, the thing that often is lacking is passion. I had no passion for the tasks I was doing. Similarly, students often lack passion for what they are learning and the work required of them.

How Do We Fix What is Missing?

So how do we convince kids to excel at the tasks, assignments, and subjects they learn? Passion. Passion is the solution. We have to either 1) show kids how to be passionate about the subjects they are learning or 2) provide space in education for each student to pursue their passion. Both of these solutions are valuable and possible. However, it is likely easier to cultivate the natural passions of a student rather than ask them to adjust their passions, though it may be necessary to ask them to adjust occasionally.

One model of education that allows for the students’ own passions is Project-Based Learning. In Project-Based Learning, Every day students are given time (70 minutes at Maharishi School) to work on a passion project. They problem-solve, experiment, falter and keep striving. Through the process, they learn real-world skills that will serve them when they are adults working on projects at their workplaces. Some of the Learning Goals for project learning are creativity, collaboration, communication, critical thinking, a growth mindset, societal impact and service, interdisciplinary integration, development of student portfolios.

Passion in Education

Not only does Project-Based Learning let the students figure out what they love, allow them to pursue their passions, equip them with essential skills, and show them their passions matter; it also helps them move forward in life by strengthening their portfolios for college and their resumes for future employment.

Project-Based Learning really is an amazing option for our students. We only want to see them excel, to reach their own goals, and to self-manage. This is an excellent way to learn those skills.


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Why Do People Choose Private Schools?

Benefits of Private Schools

There are many reasons people choose private schooling for their children because there are many benefits to private schooling. Some students can greatly benefit from what private schools have to offer. Of course, each private school is different, but there are many similarities.

Individual Attention

One of the benefits of private schools is the individual attention that is given each student. At private schools, class sizes tend to be smaller so each student is given more individual attention. This means, if your child has a question or is struggling to learn a new idea, they will be more likely to get their question answered. If your child learns something more slowly than other students, the teacher is able to address their individual needs. If your child does not understand a subject, the teacher is very likely to notice because there are fewer students to keep track of so no one slips by. This can be invaluable to all types of students. All students benefit from individual attention and connection.

Teach to Learn

Another benefit of private schools is that schools are able to teach in order to learn rather than to teach in order to test. Unfortunately, poor test scores can lead to less funding for public schools so public schools often feel the pressure to teach in order to test their students rather than feeling free to teach the ability to think and learn. At private schools, funding is not connected to the test scores of the students which enables teachers to equip students to think for themselves, learn the way they naturally learn, and learn at a speed that works for them. Fortunately, the more student-centric environment actually improves academic performance. Whereas, teaching to test does not work for all learning styles.


The third benefit to private schooling is a more balanced curriculum. All types of schools try to provide balanced opportunities. Unfortunately, funding issues can make that a lot harder to public schools. Private schools have more ability to provide a balanced education, including extracurricular activities.  Though activities vary from private school to private school, there tends to be a more balanced view of activities and education, allowing for individuals to adjust to their preferred activities and passions while setting them up to succeed academically as well in their extracurricular activities.

Many Benefits, but the Biggest is…

There are many benefits to private schools. These are just some of the reasons parents choose private schooling for their children. Each private school is different and be better in one area than another. But, the best thing about private schools is that you can pick which one fits your child and will provide the best education for your child.

If you want to read more about what makes Maharishi School different from other private schools, check out some more information here.

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Success – How Do We Measure It?

All the Talk About Success

We all talk about success a lot. We all feel the pressure to succeed, and depending on our reaction to the pressure, we handle our own level of success very differently. Success means something different to everyone. Some measure success by monetary standards. Some measure it by name recognition or fame. Maybe the problem with success isn’t the different ways we define it but how we measure it.

Two Ways to Measure

At Maharishi School, we measure success in two ways.

The way we look at success is by considering inner development and outer achievement. While outer achievement is exciting and worthwhile, it is empty without inner development. We can measure our inner development in two ways. The first way we measure success is by looking at our failures. There will always be failures and setbacks on the path to success. The only way to reach our goals is to be tenacious, persistent, and to learn from that failure. Some of the best and hardest to learn lessons come in moments of failure. Without those moments, we may never find the depth of our success. The second way to measure the inner development of our success is by finding a way to be passionate about what we are doing.

We encourage students to be their own best. Of course, our students are graded on their work. However, they are also encouraged to be themselves, find their own success – failure included – and be passionate about whatever they are drawn toward.

Success looks different for everyone. We encourage our students to find out what it means for them.

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What Does Rocketry Have to Do With Real Life?

Our Rocketry Team

First, if you haven’t heard about our rocketry team, let’s take a moment to get you caught up. Here is a quote from our Head of School, Dr. Beall, summing up the TARC season:

“11 Maharishi School students were in Virginia for the Team America Rocketry Challenge nationals. We qualified three teams by scoring among the 100 top performers in the months leading up to nationals, from more than 800 entries. On Saturday morning 99 of them launched and all three of our teams qualified for the Finals in the afternoon, now the Top 44.

The final results? One of our teams finished in 7th Place and another in 10th Place. Both teams received $5000 cash awards. And Maharishi School was the only school with two Top 10 teams.

And Rick Rudloff was named the national Outstanding Team Advisor!!”

In addition to our TARC season, our students were working with NASA (yes, literally the NASA) on another launch that his its own set of qualifying factors and process.

Things to Learn in Rocketry and Use Forever

Aside from our rocketry teams’ success, they learned something they can apply to anything and be more successful. They learned to find balance. Of course, learning the technical skills required to have successful launches is very important and is something these students will take with them into their futures. However, even if they do not pursue a career in rocketry or programming or design or any of the number of things they are learning to do, they will have learned the priceless skill of balancing and prioritizing different tasks in a way that leads them to success.

As you may have gathered from the above description of our season, our kids are busy! They excel, but they have to learn to prioritize. This means asking themselves tough questions:

“What tasks help me reach my goals?”

“What do we need to do first to be most successful?”

“What’s the most effecient path toward our desired outcome?”

“Which problem is the most important to solve?”

Balancing expectations and prioritizing tasks are crucial skills to learn. These are skills that will serve our students the rest of their lives. When discussing with Mr. Rudloff a moment he was most proud of in addition to being proud of the teams’ accomplishments, he was proud of their ability to balance tasks and priorities in order to succeed, the ability to take criticism and learn from it, and that the teams learned from obstacles to come out stronger and more prepared for things they could not predict.  Those are some pretty invaluable skills!


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Tennis Update – Substate

We had great success at Substate tennis this weekend. Here is an update from coach Briggs:

Pioneers Prevail Against Rival Pella — 5-3, Punch Ticket to State Finals

By defeating North Polk and Pella on Saturday, the Maharishi Pioneers tennis team added to their record of the most trips to the state finals in Iowa history.

“It was far from easy,” exhaled Pioneer coach, Steve Briggs. “Our backs were to the wall, but sometimes that’s when the magic happens.”

After defeating North Polk 5-2 in the morning, the Pioneers turned their attention to their longtime rival, Pella, who had thwarted the Pioneers bid for a state final birth in 2017.

“Leaving Fairfield at 6:30 am to play Pella in their backyard may not seem like an ideal way to spend a Saturday,” said Briggs, “but I told the team that these are the best possible moments for an athlete because they offer a chance to rise to levels we might never have experienced before.”

The Pioneers kept on rising until they captured a 5-3 win over a tenacious Pella squad. In the singles pairings, Maharishi swept positions 1, 2, and 3 while Pella returned the favor at 4, 5, and 6.

Just prior to the start of the doubles matches, thunderstorms rolled through Pella, forcing the teams to shuttle to Oskaloosa to finish the meet at an indoor facility. “Our team loves playing indoors so the coaches viewed it as a good omen.”

“We sent our top two teams out, feeling confident that Kai and Daniel would pick up a point for us, but no one was expecting the absolute demolition of a very capable Pella team,” said Briggs. “Our guys literally didn’t miss a ball the entire match, winning 6-0, 6-0. I think Pella was in shock!”

Vessey and Zhu’s win left the Pioneers needing just one point to punch their tickets to the state finals. The Pioneers hopes rested in the hands of Devan Burke and David Zhang, a relatively new combo that had not played together much during the regular season. When Pella jumped out to a 4-1 lead, things looked bleak for the Pioneers.

“We were out of sync… unable to find the flow,” assessed Briggs. “We were pressing, but sometimes it takes a few gritty, blue-collar points to turn things around, and that’s what our guys came up with. From being down 1-4 in the opening set, Devan took matters into his hands and dominated the match with all-out aggression. David’s steady play perfectly complimented Devan’s forcefulness. You never know how the chemistry of a new team will hold up under pressure, but Devan and David lifted each other up… it was gratifying to watch.”

The Pioneers #2 team nearly matched the performance of their teammates, Kai and Daniel. From a 4-1 deficit, the Pioneers #2 ran off 11 straight games to take the match, 6-4, 6-0.

“Running the table with a trip to Des Moines on the line is difficult,” stated Briggs. “Everything we do is geared toward reaching the state finals, and every person on the team knows what’s at stake in the final doubles matches. To play your absolute best tennis with everything on the line is extraordinary… and to have all four guys do it at the same time is more than we coaches could ask for. Kai, Daniel, Devan, and David all found their peak performance in Oskaloosa. As Devan said afterward, ‘I can’t believe how good this feels.’

“We buried a ghost or two today,” laughed Briggs, referring to the past two years when the Pioneers were within a whisker of reaching the state finals.

“To see our seniors celebrating was cool,” said Briggs. “Those guys do everything together. They’re great friends on and off the court… and they represent our community so well. The group of parents and school administrators who witnessed the match will have a sweet memory. Sometimes the parents don’t get enough credit, but they’ve been there for the team all these years and you can feel the love and appreciation they have for the team.”

The Pioneers will make yet another record-breaking trip to Des Moines on May 29th.

Maharishi – Pella


#1 Kai Vessey def Jordan Roozeboom 6-1, 6-1

#2 Devan Burke def Colton Edwards6-2, 6-1

#3 Daniel Zhu def Jack Edwards6-4, 6-0

#4 David Zhang lost to Carter Briggs6-3, 6-3

#5 Karthik Vempati lost to Isaiah Martin6-4, 6-2

#6 Frank Wang lost to Austin Adrian6-1, 6-0


#1 Vessey/ZhudefRoozeboom/J. Edwards6-0, 6-0

#2 Burke/ZhangdefC. Edwards/Briggs6-4, 6-0


The State Singles and Doubles tournament is Friday and Saturday, May 25 & 26, 9:00 at Byrnes Park Tennis Center, 1110 Campbell Ave, Waterloo (Daniel Zhu in singles, Kai Vessey and Devan Burke in doubles).

The State Team Final Four is Tuesday, May 29th, 8:15, at Waveland Park, 4822 Observatory Rd, Des Moines.


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