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Polo Altynski-Ross’s Entrepreneurship Project

 Maharishi School Junior Inspires Business Mindset Among Students

In an interview with sixteen year-old Polo Altynski-Ross I was able to see the core values of Maharishi School ( respect, responsibility, service, solutions, andentrepreneurship polo maharishi school transcendence), in his actions. Polo’s project not only allows him to be of service to his fellow students but it also shows his sense of responsibility to the community. Through Polo’s guidance he’s able to coach his students through various solutions and problem solving methods so that they can present their ideas with as much clarity as possible. Polo is a natural leader and because of this you can see how dedicated he is to his project in the following interview.

Entrepreneurship Q & A

My name is Polo AltynskiRoss, I’m 16, and I’m in eleventh grade. Even though I am an international student from Britain, America really is my home-this is my seventh year here. This school and community is what brought my family and I here in 2015, and I do not take any of it for granted. I believe that the school has allowed me to reach my full potential, with the support of all of my peers and teachers along the way.

What is your project about?

project period polo

My purpose of this class for the students of Maharishi School to be given the opportunity to learn the in’s-and-out’s of a successful business, how to come up with their own creative, contributing ideas, and to apply them to the real world.

I have been, along with Mr. Aikar, teaching this class during our elective project period. The class consists of some dir

ected group activities, presentations, brainstorming, and unit quizzes. Although we are only able to offer an abbreviated version of the course over one quarter, I intend to have students also create a real business plan and to enter into the Fall/Spring Innovator Competition. The course also has certified college credit in entrepreneurship/business studies, with a qualified instructor. We would love to offer this, too!

Can you explain your idea and the motivation behind starting this project? What makes you passionate about this work?

In 9th grade, I came across Maharishi International University’s Creative Entrepreneurship program. I participated in their competition against mostly college students,

senior project period polo

and was placed as the alternate. It was clear that this topic piqued my (and many other high schoolers’) interest, but there was no way for students to participate in the actual program to prepare us for the competition. I met with people in MIU to discuss adapting their course to Maharishi School, but it never really moved forward.

In 10th grade, I came across the University of Iowa’s Jacobson Institute, a part of the John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Center within their Tippie Business School. I discovered that they offered their own entrepreneurship program online which could be integrated into highschool classes. I met with their director to determine how this would happen, and proceeded to take the course on my own, with assistance from one of my former teachers, Mr. Benezra.

This semester, I finally was approved to offer the course as my own project to teach other students!

Where do you see this type of project that you’re doing in the future?

As I am graduating next year, I would love to see this project grow and become an integrative part of the school curriculum that will continue for years to come. Maharishi School’s repertoire of diverse elective projects is a stand-out aspect of the school, and this would add even more to this aspect.



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