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Let’s Talk Middle School CCLS

An exciting development for the upcoming Fall 2023 school year is that  Diogo Santos, who is an experiencedmiddle school teacher International Baccalaureate (IB) art teacher and examiner–and who teaches TM–will be taking the lead in reimagining  CCLS in Middle School.  Diogo’s strength is in curriculum design and integration–and he is also passionate about Consciousness and Creativity, making him the ideal person to take on this opportunity and challenge. (Diogo will continue to teach in Lower School as well.)


Interview with Diogo Santos

  • As an educator and a TM teacher I’m really excited to teach CCLS to the Middle School this year, it feels like the perfect combination of academics and the special unique thing that our school has to offer. We are currently working on crafting a curriculum that corresponds to the Middle School student’s realities and expectations of CCLS this year.
  • We are trying to integrate what’s really special about Maharishi’s teachings and the student’s real world experiences with what is meaningful to them at this point in their lives. In order for this to happen we have to collaborative on the development of this curriculum with the students themselves.
  • We will work together to help figure out the topics, the life skills they want to learn, and integrate those to Maharishi’s teachings. The fulfillment of this is to have a curriculum that aligns with the school’s mission and core values and further them along on their learning journey.

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