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Montessori & Maharishi’s 16 Principles of Consciousness Based Learning

Have you heard of the 16 Principles of SCI?

Explore maharishi montessori preschoolAt Maharishi School our students have a unique interdisciplinary course called the Science of Creative Intelligence where they see underlying, universal principles that are common to the structure and functioning of life—their academic subjects, in nature, and in themselves. For example, we see how life is structured in layers: whether in the earth’s crust, our government, the analysis of literature, a math theorem, or one’s family and personality.

This is one way Maharishi School cultivates vertical thinking: making connections between all the details on the surface of life with the big ideas at their basis. In the table below you will see comparisons made with each individual principle and aspects of the Montessori education.

SCI and Montessori

SCI is implemented differently at various grade levels. Our Kindergarten through 2nd grade teacher Susan Harper has explained each of the sixteen principles in reference to aspects of the Montessori style education.

Maharishi SCI Principles                                         Susan Harper Montessori

The Nature of Life is to GrowWe encourage the child to learn and grow in every way.
Order is Present EverywhereThe Montessori classroom is very ordered. The materials are presented and displayed in the order of the scope and sequence of their use. Each lesson has a particular sequence that is followed to complete the task.
Life is Found in LayersEach lesson builds on the next. Seemingly unrelated materials prepare the child for things to come.
Outer Depends on InnerA child’s outer persona is determined by his inner feelings. We teach the whole child, inside and out.
Water the Root to Enjoy the FruitWe prepare the children for life. They will one day be in charge and we will depend on them to take care of us.
Rest and Activity are Steps of ProgressRest is crucial for our children to progress, grow and learn!
Enjoy Greater Efficiency and Accomplish MoreFinding joy in learning ignites a spark that leads a rich life.
Every Action has a ReactionEach child has power in the universe, our words, actions and deeds have power.
Purification Leads to ProgressBeing healthy in mind, body and spirit is important.
The Field of All Possibilities is the Course of All SolutionsWe choose our destinies.
Thought leads to Action, Action leads to Achievement, Achievement leads to FulfillmentThe process of working brings satisfaction.
Knowledge is Gained Inside and Outside We internalize information/knowledge and then we share it.
Knowledge is Structured in ConsciousnessThe world is as we are.
Harmony Exists in DiversityThe Montessori classroom is the inclusive classroom, each child is appreciated for his/her gifts.
The Whole is Contained in Every PartIn Montessori we teach the whole child. Whole child education understands the connections between the body and mind.
The Whole is More than the Sum of its PartsOur classroom community is a special place for children.

Montessori and the whole child

Dr. Maria Montessori talks about education for the whole child, this directly correlates with the concepts behind teaching Maharishi’s 16 Principles because there is no fragmented or compartmentalized knowledge montessori classroom at maharishi schoolin a child’s education.

For example in Montessori style of education incorporates both left brain and right brain learning, and values it equally, “Intelligence is not preferred over physical or spiritual development, and the emotional health of the child is at the forefront.” This idea is discussed in depth at the Spring Stone Montessori School. Whole child education engages the child by appealing to his/her natural curiosity and showing the purpose behind learning.

Together the 16 Principles of SCI and Montessori focus on the child as a fully formed human being rather than a blank slate. We appreciate and respect that a child is capable of all possibilities and that knowledge is intrinsic in each child.

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