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What are Advanced Techniques?

Maharishi School and Advanced Meditation Techniques

At Maharishi School, we practice a form of meditation called the Transcendental Meditation technique®, or TM. To transcend, by definition, means to go beyond human limitations and to break boundaries. At Maharishi School, we teach you a technique to break internal boundaries and to sink deep into yourself, to tap into your essence and live in a state of flow. Here, we believe that all parts of ourselves should be developed – the body, mind, heart and consciousness – therefore the practice of TM is required for all students. Our school day starts and ends with a few minutes of the Transcendental Meditation (TM) technique.

The TM technique is a simple technique that is easily taught through one-on-one instruction by a certified teacher. It’s not a religion, philosophy or lifestyle. More than 340 scientific studies have been published in leading journals showing its efficacy in all areas of physical and mental health. It’s garnered the praise of distinguished institutions like the National Health Institute, American Psychological Association, University of Michigan, and American University.

To learn more, visit www.TM.org.

The Details About Advanced Techniques

Sometimes, we talk about Advanced Techniques, but that can be a confusing term. Below are some commonly asked questions, and their answers, about the Advanced Techniques.

Q: What are Advanced Techniques?
A: Simple techniques that accelerate growth. During TM®, we experience a fourth state of consciousness, a state of restful alertness, which dissolves stress, enhances brain functioning, and balances the body and emotions. The Advanced Techniques speed up the integration of this state with our activity after meditation; they bring faster results from your regular TM practice.
In fact, Maharishi said they accelerate growth to higher states of consciousness. He said that they bring about a more efficient absorption of pure consciousness into the active mind than TM does by itself.

Q: How many are there?
A: Four — all developed and refined by Maharishi over many years. The first is called the Night Technique and it is done before sleep. The second, third, and fourth Advanced Techniques are simple procedures that you effortlessly incorporate into your 20-minute TM practice.

Q: Do I learn them all at once or one at a time?
A: One at a time and in sequence. You’ll practice an Advanced Technique at least two to four months before adding the next one.

Q: Who teaches the Advanced Techniques?
A: International Vedic Experts from India who have been specially trained by Maharishi. These experts come to Fairfield TM Center every month to teach the Advanced Techniques.

Q: What is the course structure?
A: Your training consists of three sessions.
The first session is an orientation meeting for an hour.
The second session is personal instruction with the Vedic Expert in the appropriate Advanced Technique (2 hours).
The third session is a checking meeting the following day with the Vedic Experts to answer questions and verify the correctness of your practice (2 hours).

Q: Who can learn, and how do I know if I am ready?
A: If you have been regular with your TM practice for the last two to four months, you are eligible to apply. You do not have to be a long-time or “advanced” meditator to learn an Advanced Technique. Each technique is simple—easy to learn, easy to practice—and, best of all, enjoyable! That said, if you’d like our advice regarding your personal readiness, just give us a call. 641-919-8188 or 641-919-1300

Q: What is the fee? (per course)
A: The fee for an Advanced Technique is as follows:
Adults: 4 payments of $240 (or one payment of $960)
Couples: 4 payments of $420 (or one payment of $1,680)
Full-time TM teachers, MUM & Maharishi School & Full-Time Staff: $360
Full-time MUM students: $240
Full-time Maharishi School students (thru high school): $240
Grants and scholarships may be available for qualified meditators. Please just give us a call to talk more about your financing options. 641-919-8188 or 641-919-1300

Q: How do I begin?
A: Please contact us for information about one of the orientation meetings by email at wdevasier@tm.org or olgahopkins@gmail.com or call 641-919-8188 or 641-919-1300. If the orientation meeting times don’t work for you, let us know and we will find another time to meet with you.

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