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Boarding Student Life : 2021

boarding student life maharishi schoolThe world is our family

Maharishi School is a global community with students and families representing more than 30 countries. Our school community is deeply enriched by students of diverse origin who come together to create global awareness and a vibrant school culture with rich traditions.

We know the decision to send your child to a boarding school far from homestudent at maharishi school is not easy and you are doing this as an investment in their future. We also understand you are making this decision out of love for your child. Because we believe that the world is our family, we take seriously our role as their extended family in the United States.


Home away from home

The dorm rooms can be customized by each student’s comfort and to reflect their personality. The dorm features amenities such as a common media room where boarders can watch movies or sports on the big screen TV, board games and ping-pong tables, dedicated study hours where students can work productively and quietly, lean on dorm counselors for support in transitioning and who are on hand for assistance, chat with teachers, and more all while having fun.boarding student review Maharishi School is more than just academia or a place to sleep, it’s a community.

When you board at Maharishi School, you get to live next door to your best friends.

Hildenbrand Dorm

Living at Maharishi School, whether in the dorms creates lifetime bonds. Our students have shared experiences that span passion projects, classes, athletic teams, and day-to-day living. You’ll meet and live with people you would never have who come from all over the world to study at Maharishi School. Our new dorm is so close to the classroomboarding student life facilities that it serves as a social center for both residential and day students.


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Unleash Your Creativity

Project-Based Learning: Discover and test-drive your passionsproject period maharishi school

Each project is either designed by a teacher or proposed by the student at the conception stage and addresses an authentic, engaging and complex question, problem, or challenge. The students work either independently or in small teams and exercise real-life skills in their areas of interest while being fully supported by teachers, community experts, and leaders brought in to match the students’ interests. At the end of each quarter, all the students’ projects are showcased as part of a community-wide event.

Project Period with Miss Sheila Higgins

project period maharishi schoolThe 6th graders at Maharishi School are diving into the world of storytelling with stop motion videos. As they make creative content for their videos they will also be in charge of creating both individual and group stories, while also learning technical skills needed to shoot their concept.

While creating their movie Miss Higgins asks them to plan out a small action sequence that can be a re-telling or  new creation of a familiar story. Her students will take part in drafting the story and building sets, props, as well as characters. On the days that they will be shooting there are several jobs withing the group that need to be done, including a photographer, a mover and a storyteller (or timekeeper). Check out this video to see this project period in process!



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