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Nurturing Tomorrow’s Leaders: Future Business Leaders of America

Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) is a prominent organization for high school students focused on developing leadership skills and preparing young individuals for careers in business and related fields. The essence of FBLA for high school students lies in several key aspects:

  1. Leadership Development: FBLA provides students with numerous opportunities to develop leadership skills through various activities such as officer positions,future business leaders of america event organization, and community service projects. Students learn to lead effectively, communicate clearly, and collaborate with others.
  2. Professional Development: FBLA offers a range of resources and experiences to help students build a strong foundation for their future careers. This includes workshops, seminars, and conferences where students can learn about business etiquette, networking, and professional development.
  3. Skill Enhancement: FBLA competitions allow students to showcase their skills in areas such as public speaking, business presentations, finance, marketing, and entrepreneurship. Through these competitions, students can refine their skills, receive feedback from experts, and gain valuable experience that can be applied in college and beyond.
  4. Networking Opportunities: FBLA provides students with the chance to connect with peers who share similar interests and aspirations. By networking with other members, as well as business professionals and alumni, students can expand their social and professional circles, build relationships, and gain insights into potential career paths.
  5. Community Engagement: FBLA encourages students to give back to their communities through service projects and volunteerism. By participating in community outreach initiatives, students develop a sense of social responsibility and civic engagement while also enhancing their leadership and teamwork skills.
  6. Career Exploration: FBLA exposes students to a wide range of career opportunities within the business world. Through workshops, guest speakers, and experiential learning activities, students can explore different industries, professions, and career paths to help them make informed decisions about their future.

The Essence of Values-Based Leadership

At its core, values-based leadership is about aligning one’s actions with a set of core principles and ethical standards.  At Maharishi School our mission and core values reflect values-based leadership.

To create an innovative Consciousness-Based educational environment where students think deeply and become creative, compassionate, contributing citizens of the world.

-Maharishi School Mission


Awards Received



Nine Pioneering Maharishi School students competed in our first Iowa Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) State Leadership Conference in Cedar Rapids, attended by more than 800 Iowa high school students. Remarkably, in every category of competition, our students finished in the top 10! Here are the catergories and results:
Introduction to Business Concepts        Sohni Singh            1st Place (37 entries)
UX Design                                             Joyce Wang            2nd Place (10 entries)
Business Management                          Keshav Sinolia        3rd Place (31 entries)
                                                               Kyran Walace (two-person team)
Visual Design                                         Artemisia Love         3rd Place (16 entries)
                                                               Joyce Wang
                                                               Uma Wegman (three-person team)
                                                               Ria Altynska-Ross    8th Place
Cyber Security                                       Keshav Sinolia          7th Place (27 entries)
Advertising                                             Artemisia Love          8th Place (54 entries)
Sports & Entertainment Mgmt               Fangda Chen            10th Place (65 entries)
                                                              Ruimin Luo (two-person team)
Personal Finance                                  Sohni Singh               10th Place (59 entries)
All of our students who finished in the top three Places earn an invitation to FBLA National in Orlando, FL, June 29-July 2.
As a 1st Place winner, Sohni Singh’s trip to Nationals will be fully funded by sponsors!

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