What Do You Miss About Maharishi School?

Maharishi School Alumni

It’s 2022 and as is common with the beginning of a new year we take a moment to think about what we want out of this new chapter of our lives. What goals do we want to accomplish or new habits that we want to form? As we reflect on our future, it’s also fun to take a look back at the past. That’s why I’ve asked some of our incredible Alumni this question, “What do you miss most about Maharishi School?”




“What I miss most about the school is the tennis season, being able to be part of a team and going out to compete for the school.”


Chandre Morales, Graduating Class of 2016


“I miss the nurturing nature and the support of the faculty and staff at Maharishiyenet school.”

Yenet Tafesse, Graduating Class of 2020




devan burke alumni



“The perspectives and diversity that I experienced at Maharishi School is unprecedented. I also believe that the discussions had in the classrooms, between peers, and teachers from multitudes of backgrounds teach us far more than we sometimes care to realize and that in of itself, is one of the best teachers we can ask for.”


Devan Burke, Graduating Class of 2018



maharishi school alumni

“I miss having meditation scheduled into my day and the rest that gave me, but I miss my classmates most of all.”


Jaya Muehlman, Graduating Class of 2015



daniel zhu


“I think that Maharishi School is such a unique setting and school that stands out in many ways from other institutions. One thing in particular that I came to realize was so special about Maharishi School was the bond that you form with your classmates”


Daniel Zhu, Graduating Class of 2018




 “I miss the flexibility of my teachers and my peers, and the loving and supportive environment of the school and i definitely miss it.”

Neethu Yammanur, Graduating Class of 2020

maharishi school graduation college acceptances

maharishi school alumni




“I will be forever grateful for the knowledge taught here at the Maharishi School and continue to use it for my own development and the development of my clients.”

Owen Blake, Graduating Class of 2008



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Middle School Science with Sheila: Hands-on Learning

What is the hands-on learning approach?

Hands-on learning is about creating an experience where the students feel empowered to try new things and work through failure. Maharishi School alumni Sheila Higgins explains, “when the students come up with something that’s Sheila alumni and middle school science teacher at maharishi school talks about hands on learningfrustrating them, they need to have a dialogue about why that happened, and what they could do to experience a different result. Especially with science it’s not a matter of right and wrong, it’s always a process of discovery.”

Sheila guides her students through the process of proving that something is “wrong” or doesn’t work, which she says is just as significant as proving that something is right. There are a variety of opportunities for hands-on learning in science, it has to be something that provides them with enough structure that they understand what the objectives are. While maintaining enough freedom to think creatively, and experiment with their own ideas.

What are the Middle School kids doing in Science?

Right now the students in Sheila’s Science class are working on a solar-powered model car. The students are familiarizing with concepts of renewable energy, solar technologies, basics of what a photomotaic cell is, and basics of circuitry. Having the hands-on experience of building something from scratch gives them ownership of the whole process of learning. Sheila says, “the students interact with success and failure in an important way and persevere through challenging concepts.”

Sheila found the kits on amazon that had basic components for the cars; tiny solar hands on learning middle school students build a solar powered carpanels, little engines and circuitry. The kids have to connect the positive to the negative leads and make sure everything is in place so that as soon as it gets enough sunlight, it takes off.

Sheila explains,”science is about maintaining that sense of curiosity, especially for middle school age kids. You have to get them excited about a subject. Then make them wonder how the world works and what their place is in it. As well as come up with new ideas.”

Click here to watch the solar car in action.

Click here to see Uma Wegman show the car up close.

What is the future of hands on learning in Sheila’s Science class?

hands on learning middle school students build a solar powered car

I asked Sheila how she plans on applying hands-on learning to her Science classes in the future.

Sheila wants her class to be as “hands-on and as student lead as possible. That means getting

the students comfortable working collaboratively with one another.” Sheila sets up groups

of students to coherently solve problems that use scientific principles. If you were to spy on Sheila’s classroom you would see kids building, experimenting, and putting learning in the context of reality rather than textbooks.


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Maharishi School Alumni: The Next Generation

Why are the Alumni important?

Maharishi School is educating the second generation of families. Alumni can be found in many places throughout the school as teachers, staff, and board members. Our students can network with alumni to enhance their experience or hear perspective on the way life used to be. This school has gone through many changes over the years and thanks to the input from our alumni, it will keep evolving.

The Next Generation at Maharishi School

Empowering Education, published by the Suryadatta Education Foundation, states that “An organization’s alumni are the reflection of its past, representation of its present and a link to its future.” At Maharishi School, we couldn’t agree more. A few of our alumni have answered some questions about their experience as well as what it’s like sending the next generation of children to Maharishi School.

alumni mala with children mekhi and natalie

” I feel fortunate to be able to send my kids to Maharishi School knowing that they are receiving a Consciousness-Based education. They come home happy and excited for the next day.”

-Mala Markowitz graduated in 2000. Her her son, Mekhi, and daughter, Natalie, are attending in the 9th and 3rd grades.

“We love how the school has evolved through the years and we really wanted our kids to have an alternative education like we had. We feel like it was a big part of our decision to stay in Fairfield. We love that our voices are heard at the school and we can help shape our kids Alumni Ben and Mira with their sons Ronan and Declanlearning experience. It’s so cool to see how the school adapts beautifully to each new generation.”

-Mira graduated in 2001 and Ben Daniels graduated in 1998. Their sons, Ronan and Declan, are currently attending the 5th and 1st grades.

“I feel very comforted when I drop Leni off at the school in the community that I grew up in. I enjoy get seeing other alumni that I grew up with dropping their kids off as well. Dr. Richard Beall has created an all inclusive community alumni eliana with daughter lenithat is welcoming to everyone. This inclusivity attracted me to the school.  I value the curriculum as being a part of who I’ve become.”

-Eliana Freeman, Maharishi School Board Chair, graduated in 1999. Her daughter, Leni, is attending Kindergarten.

“Having come back to Fairfield after 10 years of living in another state, it’s been wonderful seeing how the school has grown and changed. It is a great feeling to be able to send our son, Henry, to Maharishi School. He is always excited to get to school in the morning and can’t wait to tell us about his day when he alumni Christi and Ben with their son Henrycomes home. It’s a pleasure seeing how Henry is blossoming and gaining confidence at the preschool.”

-Ben and Christi Stone graduated in 2001 and their son Henry is currently attending Preschool in the Maharishi School Children’s House.


Generations Day

Our alumni are so important to Maharishi School, as well as their parents. Laura Bordow developed Generations Day  to highlight this special relationship. She explained, “We are very excited to announce a new tradition at Maharishi School called Generations Day. It was inspired by the realization that our Generations Day 2019student body now includes 37 second-generation students representing over 50 grandparents who all live locally. On this day, guests will get a glimpse of what our students experience every day. They will visit classrooms, see musical performances, and leave with a photo to remember the day.”

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Maharishi School Alumnus Jason Shields Wins Ju Jitsu World Championship Golf

Imagine a person who meditates twice a day and what comes to mind? Lotus pose? Brown rice? “Ommmmm”? Heel hooks? Side mount chokes?
Wait, what?

Maharishi School alumni Jason Shields won gold for the purple belt category at the International Brazilion Ju Jitsu Federation World Championships 2017.

Ok, let me explain. If you’ve done any reading about Transcendental Meditation before, you already know that it’s not for a certain kind of person, and it doesn’t turn you into a certain kind of person. Everyone can learn, everyone can benefit, and it fits into every lifestyle. Jason Shields, Maharishi School class of 1989, is one prime example of this fact.

Jason, a doctor of chiropractic medicine and owner of Voss Kiropraktorkontor in Vossevangen, Norway, also happens to have just won gold at the International Brazilian Ju Jitsu Federation World Championship in the purple belt category. Shields won all four fights of the competition without giving up a single point or advantage.Maharishi School alumni, chiropractic doctor, and Brazilian Ju Jitsu champion Jason Shields.

If you’re familiar at all with Brazilian Ju Jitsu then you’ll know that this is a hard won honor, and if you’re not acquainted with the sport I recommend you watch this video and vicariously experience the fully integrated physical, emotional, and intellectual experience that competitors embrace every time they step to the mat.

Watching these athletes, what impresses me most is that Shields has only been practicing for six years. Jason remembers, “Six years ago I saw an epic Ju Jitsu match on Youtube, contacted a black belt in a nearby city and then started my club with his help. The rest is history!”

To progress so quickly, Shields squeezes 15-19 hours of training into his already full work week at the chiropractic clinic, often using lunch breaks to train at the dojo he set up in a room upstairs from his office. All this while getting the fledgling Frontline Ju Jitsu Academy off the ground and heading its competition team.

Maharishi School alumni Jason Shields takes a break during competition at the International Brazilian Ju Jitsu Federation World Federation Championships, where he won first place in the purple belt category.

One secret to Jason’s success comes from devoting his full attention to the task of the moment. “Here is a theme that I live in my life and in competition: take an angle and let go. Like the arrow seeking the target, single minded focus at each step. Where attention goes energy flows.” Another component is the Transcendental Meditation practice Shields learned during his time as a student at Maharishi School. “It’s the calm in the storm,” he explains.

In addition to working, training, meditating, and competing, Shields makes time to build his legacy by mentoring youth interested in Ju Jitsu. “Every one of my students has become my child” Jason reports, “and now that I’m a world champion, I want to produce generations of champions!”

Congratulations to Jason on his IBJJF World Championship – we look forward to more good news from Frontline Academy in the years to come!

Thanks to Maggie Left Photography for the wonderful pictures!

Maharishi School Graduate Hired as US Foreign Service Officer, Posted at Liberian Embassy

Maharishi School Alumna Colette Clark has been hired as a US Foreign Service officer. Maharishi School is a private, college preparatory day and boarding school located in Fairfield, Iowa.

Colette “Coco” Clark, a 2011 graduate of Maharishi School, has recently been hired by the U.S. State Department as a Foreign Service Officer. Her first posting will be at the U.S. embassy in Liberia, beginning in June.

Ms. Clark is the daughter of Fran Clark and the late Henry Ogden Clark of Fairfield. She received a Bachelor of Science in foreign service, summa cum laude, from Georgetown University in 2015 and a Master of Arts in security studies the following year, also from Georgetown.

She is proficient in Arabic and has worked for the past two years at the Department of Justice on legal negotiations between the U.S. government and Middle Eastern countries.

Foreign service officers spend their career serving at a variety of locations around the world. They are expected to be skilled in representing the interests of the United States in economic, political, and cultural matters. They help overseas Americans in distress and process visa applications for those wanting to visit the U.S. for the first time.

Ms. Clark will also handle a portfolio of interests encompassing environmental, energy, and trade policies.

Liberia, located on the western coast of Africa, is the continent’s oldest modern republic, enjoying a stable democratic government whose president, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2011 for her work in international peacekeeping