Top 10 Benefits of Living in a Small Town

Why we love a small town vibe

Maharishi School is located in Fairfield, Iowa. It’s a tiny town of 10,000 nestled among small benefits of small townfields of corn. But don’t let the size fool you. We have a vibrant startup community that includes 400 small businesses that provide jobs to 3,000 people. Many business owners and leaders are alumni from our school and they have raised a combined $200 million in venture capital. Let me tell you some of the benefits that living in a small town can offer you.

Top 10 benefits of living in a small town

  1. Less Crime: Statistically speaking there are less crimes in smaller towns.
  2. No Traffic: Because the population is so small, you can say goodbye to rush hour! Also you don’t have to drive everywhere because many places are within walking distance.
  3. Strong Community: In a small town, most people know each other either directly or indirectly, which gives a sense of belonging.
  4. Cost of Living is Less:  You can rent an entire house for the price of a tiny studio apartment in a big city! In addition the price of groceries, services, and gas is cheaper in a small town.
  5. Community Involvement: Fairfield has residents that are big believers in giving back to the community and Fairfield’s Jefferson County ranks fifth among all U.S. counties in per-capita charitable contributions.
  6. You Can See the Stars: A small town means no light pollution because there are no skyscrapers, large neon signs, or big stores to block out the light.
  7. Family Run Business: It is not unlikely in Fairfield that a friend of your friend owns a cafe, or is opening a new restaurant on the town square. Many of the businesses you go into are owned and run by local families.
  8. Locally sourced food-Our town has a deep commitment to sustainability. This has led to a boost in organic farming which allows us to offer fresh farm-to-table food at Maharishi School and has made Fairfield, Iowa the 5th largest market for organic foods in the country.
  9. Farmers Markets- Fairfield hosts weekly Farmers Market during May through October. Vendors offer locally grown produce, as well as baked goods and a large selection of handmade arts and crafts.
  10. Safety- Small towns, especially Fairfield, give the residents an overall feeling of safety. Fairfield is ranked #14 in Iowa’s Safest Cities.

Why should you move to our small town?

Buzzfeed calls Fairfield one of “11 Coolest Small Cities It’s Time To Road Trip To.” Named one of America’s best small towns to visit by Smithsonian Magazine, Fairfield is big on culture and thriving on creativity. Meditation is fuel for creativity and this has led to some truly amazing accomplishments.

One of those accomplishments includes the Fairfield Go-Green Sustainability Commission which started in 2009. It’s a community-wide plan to incorporate sustainable practices benefits of a small town solar powered energythroughout the city that has resulted in many all-green buildings, and huge impacts in the areas of energy, transportation, and infrastructure. Fairfield has one of America’s largest concentrations of solar homes. For example, our EcoVillage is a community of permaculture homes that run completely on solar and wind power.

Having the option to enroll your children in the Maharishi School is reason enough to move! In October 2011, Oprah Winfrey visited Maharishi School and Fairfield to film an episode for “Oprah’s Next Chapter.”

oprah benefits of meditationAfter this experience Oprah wrote in her OWN blog, “TM teachers have taught everyone in my company who wanted to learn how to meditate. The results have been awesome. Better sleep. Improved relationships with spouses, children, coworkers. Some people who once suffered migraines don’t anymore. Greater productivity and creativity all around.”

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Day in the Life of a Boarding Student: Jada Sparks

Why choose Maharishi School for your boarding student?

Maharishi School is a global community with students and families representing over 25 countries. The culture of our school is deeply enriched by students of diverse origin, who come together to create global awareness, and bring their own unique traditions.

We know the decision to send your child to a boarding school isn’t easy. We realize you’re doing this as an investment in their future. We also understand you are making this decision out of love for your child. Because we believe that the world is our family, we take seriously our role as their extended family in the United States.

What is it like boarding at Maharishi School?

senior jada sparks at maharishi school Jada Linn Sparks, 12th grade, boarding student at Maharishi School

When asked about her favorite meal Jada says, “The fridge and the cabinets are always stocked with tons of breakfast foods. There are cereals, milk, eggs and oatmeal. You can also request anything you want! Breakfast cereals are my favorite.”

After school she has an extracurricular activity called Destination Imagination (DI) in addition to her class schedule. DI is the world’s largest creativity and problem-solving competition. DI inspires participants in its programs to think on their feet, work together and devise original solutions to solve challenges. DI goes on for several months in the spring culminating in a state wide competition. Jada loves DI because it is another outlet for her creativity.

In her free time, Jada likes to play Mario Kart, a Nintendo Wii game, on the TV in the common room. In Jada’s dorm room you will find lots of books, her laptop and many art supplies. On the weekends she likes to go out to lunch at Revelations (a local restaurant in Fairfield) with her friends. Jada will also go to Everybody’s boarding students playing gamesCafé to grab a cup of coffee. This cafe is a favorite amongst the students because it’s within walking distance from the dorms.

Jada wants future boarders to know that boarding life at Maharishi School is very entertaining and fun. “Everyone is really different and from lots of nationalities. You hear a lot of different languages and it makes me want to learn Vietnamese.”


Boarding Student Jada Spark’s Daily Schedule:

7:00 or 7:30 AMWake up and get ready for school
8:00    AMGo to the common room and eat breakfast with friends
8:15    AMOut the door, walk to school
8:20 AM -4:30 PMSchool, including an organic hot lunch served in the cafeteria
4:30 PM – 6:30 PMDI Extracurricular that Jada participates in during Springtime
5:45 PM -7:00 PMDinnertime with all the boarders
7:00 or 7:30 PMGo to the common room to relax and hang out with friends
7:30 PM – 10:30 PMStudy hours, quiet time in the dorms
10:30 PMLights out ready for bed


How is boarding changing in 2020?

Expanding the diversity of our boarding school is our primary goal for the 2020 school year. boarding student common roomCurrently we have boarding students from 8 different countries. Next year we hope to have students representing the African continent, in addition to Asia and Europe. You can also expect to see an boarding student kitchenexpansion of our residential facility to include an enlarged dining space, living commons area and additional bedrooms.



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