Exciting News – Single Entry

A Note From Dr. Beall About Our New Single Entry System

Happy 2019! Along with the coming of the New Year, we are also—finally—ushering in our Single Entry system for improved school security.

That means beginning at 9 am each day, the only door that will be open for entry is by the Assembly Hall. All other exterior doors will be locked. There are a doorbell and intercom at the Entry door so Central Office staff can buzz you in.

Staff and faculty with keys to the exterior doors can use them at any time to enter the buildings, but are asked to never prop the door open.

The exterior door on the north side of Foster Hall will remain open into the foyer, where the interior door will remain locked. There is an intercom there, but ONLY to connect with MUM offices on the 3rd floor to buzz in visitors. Maharishi School students, parents, teachers, and staff should not use this entrance or call MUM for entry.

Other Security Improvements

A fence has been installed on the west side of Foster Hall to secure the courtyard.

And we have installed security cameras at each of the main entrances (Assembly Hall, Foster, Hopson Main Doors, and Preschool) which we can monitor 24/7 from any location.

Special Thanks

I’d like to express a special thanks to everyone who has been working on these components:

* Parent Sam Lieb, who donated the security cameras

* Becky Dye, our Chief Custodian

* Tony Hallen, our IT Manager

* Bill Graeser, MUM Locksmith

* Phil D’Agostino, MUM Telecommunications

* Terry Weiss, our Facilities Director, who oversaw the entire project

NOTE: All visitors to the school will be expected to sign in at the Central Office and wear a Visitor badge. If you are a frequent guest, we will prepare a permanent Volunteer identification badge for you. We appreciate your patience with this important initiative.

NOTE #2: The Single Entry door will open at 8am. Middle and Upper School students should not be dropped off earlier than 8am. Lower School students should not be dropped off earlier than 8:45am. If your family needs some special consideration, please contact your respective Division Director.

We hope these measures will enhance the security of our School inhabitants and that 2019 will be a peaceful, progressive year for each of you.

Best wishes,

Richard and the School Administration

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