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Middle School Empty Bowls Project

Empty Bowls

The core purpose of the Empty Bowl project, was for the students to raise money for local food banks as well as food for the bowls international community, while working on project management skills. While our 8th graders worked on various layers of the project to ensure its financial success—it was more than tallying up checks, counting dollars, and change—the event strengthened our community, celebrated the preparation of a variety of delicious soups in beautiful pottery made by the students, and raised community awareness about hunger and poverty, both locally and internationally.

The students set an ambitious financial goal of raising $5000 for the Empty Bowl Project but missed the goal by only $687.19! The students were able to inspire donations and ticket sales to raise $4312.81. This is the most significant amount raised since the Maharishi School began hosting this event.

After the expenses ($154.54) were subtracted, the total being donated to Golden Magnolia Sanctuary Fairfield and World Central Kitchen for Ukraine is $4158.27—51.5% and 48.5% respectively.


Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to create and set goals for a planned project.
  • Project Planning and Management Interpersonal skills.
  • Communication skills:  sending emails, add input to newspaper articles, outreach to potential guests.
  • Learn how to make ceramic bowls.
  • Experience one of their 16 Principles in real time: “Thought Leads to Action, Action Leads to Achievement, Achievement Leads to Fulfillment.”


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Meet Our New Teachers: Avani Bhakta

Interviewing Avani

After my graduation from the University of South Dakota, I started out my career working with adolescents as a counselor, helping them to rebuildavani teaching math self-confidence, develop character traits, and learn basic life skills through various activities. I also volunteered at an NGO in India that runs before and after-school programs in the slums. I went on to become an entrepreneur (the last 10 years of my career before teaching). I most recently served as a VP of Financial Management and Business Growth for an emerging company that I also co-owned.

Teaching Middle School Math

The pandemic provided an opportunity for me to explore new horizons and to fulfill a purpose. Teaching Mathematics to middle schoolers seemed like a perfect fit for me as I enjoy working with both numbers and kids. I am grateful to be at Maharishi School during this challenging time.

Recently, we finished a project on Entrepreneurship with 7th and 8th graders, where students brainstormed business ideas that solved common problems. Later, students developed these ideas into business plans and presented them in “shark tank” style pitches and presentations.

Here are some business ideas that students developed during this project:

  • “Text Touch” a smart whiteboard that is a tailored learning platform, designed to also monitor learning in real-time.
  • “Earth Beauty” a skincare/makeup brand that is eco-friendly, vegan, and cruelty-free.
  • “Smellaz” a non-profit company that aims to create jobs by creating eco-friendly, custom-made stuffed animals for kids, especially with sensitive skins.
  • “Sheen and Clean” a shoe cleaning machine to keep the floors clean in schools, offices, and homes.
  • “Cloud” an innovative accessory to help move large furniture single-handedly.
  • “Workivate” and “Remind Me” are apps that would be developed to help motivate and remind them to do the required tasks.

middle school teacherCurrently, I am working with the 6th graders on a kite-making project, where we plan to explore different kitemiddle school teacher designs, materials, and also kite-flying festivals/cultures around the world. At the end of it, we plan on having a kite show with our hand-made kites.

middle school teacher

My teaching experience so far has been a huge learning experience. I am learning and evolving as a teacher each day. Maharishi School is fun and resourceful, for both the teachers and the students. Finding the right balance between fun and learning is the key for me. Teaching requires one to be flexible and adaptable, and even more now with the current challenges. It is a new era, with the pandemic and the hybrid model. I like to be challenged and so there couldn’t have been a better year for me to start teaching. Overall, I am relishing my time here at Maharishi School, while also sharpening the saw.


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