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Maharishi School Opens Boarding Dorm in Hildenbrand

Maharishi School Opens Boarding Dorm in Hildenbrand

by Jim Karpen

In recent years as many as 30 Maharishi School students were boarding students living with host parents and coming from around the world. Now the school hopes to host even more thanks to converting the rooms in the ground-level floor of Hildenbrand Hall into a boarding dorm – including a dining hall, kitchen, and an apartment for an adult supervisor.

Remodeling of the boarding dorm was completed in August, and nine students are currently living there.

According to Maharishi School Head of School, Richard Beall, the dorm can accommodate up to 30 students. The school hopes to have 80 boarding students in five years.

“We have a big interest in our boarding program, but many parents in other countries are reluctant to have their children live with host families,” Dr. Beall said. “They have a strong preference for a boarding dorm. Now that we have a dorm, we expect to enroll many more boarding students.”

Living with host parents will still be an option, and a number of the school’s international students who are continuing from last year chose to remain with their host families.


The [dorm] students eat breakfast in the dining hall in the dorm, lunch at Maharishi School, and dinner catered by HyVee in the dorm dining hall in the evening.
Supervising the students this year are teacher David Pohlman and MUM student Karen Ballinger.

Hildenbrand Hall is located on the west side of Highway 1, with the upper two floors housing MUM’s women students.



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