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5 Tips for New Graduates from Maharishi School Alumnus

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Maharishi School alumnus Tihomir Liptak, a distinguished graduate from the class of 2008, has carved a remarkable path as aadvice to graduates blog successful entrepreneur. He runs Boom Fitness, a renowned CrossFit gym in Fairfield, Iowa, and founded Bodhi, a dynamic marketing and web agency dedicated to helping brands unlock their potential. His impressive clientele includes Fortune 500 companies like Red Bull and Airbnb.

Liptak graciously shared his insightful “words of wisdom” with the graduating class of 2024, inspiring them with his journey and encouraging them to pursue their dreams with passion and determination.

Tips for New Graduates from a Successful Maharishi School Alumnus

  1. Test & Learn, don’t Plan and Implement
  2. Embrace your Time in School and in your Community
  3. Don’t Delay Happiness
  4. Measure What Matters
  5. Leave Parties While you are Still Having Fun

Watch the full speech of Liptak’s advice to our young graduates below:


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