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How to Enhance Your Child’s Education

Collaborating with your school is good for everyone

“The partnership with the school will work best if parents are able to trust the school and realize that investment in longer-term learning and growth requires tolerancehappy kids for some shorter-term disappointment.” -Psychologist Rob Evans.

What this means in terms of how you look at your children’s time at an independent/private school like Maharishi School is that instead of pointing at the problems, you take on an active role in discovering solutions.

As parents we need to have both confidence and patience with our school, as it serves our children with a safe container to struggle through physical and emotional discomforts, while also preparing them to be contributing citizens of the world.

Ask yourself; what can you do to help support your school be the best it can possibly be for your child.

“Jobs are changing, whole industries are changing – kids need to be adaptable and flexible. They need to know to seek out their teachers and then their professors to ask questions. To work with other people. To get ideas from peers. To learn from people who see things differently. They need that sense of confidence in their own ability to do the work and face the challenge. Those are the gifts that parents and schools together need to give children, so they’ll learn and grow.” – Jack Hall, Head of The Walker School in Mariette, Georgia.

Remember, it takes a village to raise a child, and a collaborative effort between parents and schools can build a stronger foundation for a child’s success.

Get in touch with your Parent Advisory Council member, or reach out to Danielle Wallace (the head of the PAC at our school).

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