Maharishi School Offers Positive Discipline Parenting Class

Are you challenged by morning routine and bedtime hassles, power struggles over homework and chores, or by any area of parenting where you feel like you’re not quite connecting with your child?

Maharishi School is pleased to announce that our Positive Discipline Parenting Class is returning for its sixth session.  The class will be team-taught by Lower School Head Laura Bordow and veteran Montessori educator and Preschool Lead Teacher Rebecca Bellonci.  Between the two of them, Bordow and Bellonci have decades of parenting and teaching experience and are excited to share what they have learned through the years about positive discipline.

The seven-session class will empower parents with common sense solutions, offer a fresh perspective on what motivates kids, and convey how to increase communication and cooperation. Positive Disciple is filled with non-punitive, respectful methods that incorporate kindness and firmness into parenting, help parents get to the core of their child’s misbehavior, and bring more joy into the home.

This class is open to the entire community, and the cost has been kept to only $20 for the seven-week session.  Your fee also includes a copy of “Parenting the Positive Discipline Way”, as well as many useful handouts and reference sheets that can be used again and again whenever challenges arise.

This session begins on Tuesday, October 4th and lasts from 1:00-3: 00 pm, in the Maharishi School Parlor.  We will offer an evening course in early spring.

To sign up, please email Rebecca Bellonci at or sign up in the Maharishi School Central Office.