Maharishi School Pioneers Best Scattergood in First Match of Season

The Maharishi School Pioneers went on a romp at the Dexter Soccer Park on Tuesday, one of the most beautiful days of the season. With only one player on the bench, most of the players were on the field and contributing for the whole game. Strong play from the seniors put the Pioneers ahead of Scattergood this year and provided the backbone for a 12-0 win. Goals were contributed by Kai Vessey, Devan Burke, Daniel Zhu, Orion Riley, Chaysten Titus and Skylar Halley.

The Maharishi School Pioneers after their win against another Iowa preparatory boarding school.

The Pioneers travel to West Branch on Tuesday for the return match at the Scattergood Friends School campus beginning at 4:30. Scattergood will also host our team, coaches and fans for dinner following the game, in a warm and generous tradition they established with our school years ago.