Why Moving to Fairfield, Iowa, is a Great Choice for Your Family

When considering relocation options, families often seek a place that offers a high quality of life, excellent education opportunities, and affordable living. Fairfield, Iowa, meets all these criteria and more. Here’s why moving to Fairfield could be one of the best decisions for your family.science fair students

Iowa: Ranked #7 Best State by US News

Iowa has been ranked as the #7 best state in the nation by US News, a testament to its robust economy, top-tier healthcare, and excellent education system. The state scores high in various categories that contribute to a high quality of life, including affordability, safety, and infrastructure. Iowa’s communities are known for their friendly and welcoming nature, making it an ideal place to raise a family.

Maharishi School: #1 Best Private High School in Iowa

At Maharishi School, the foundation of our college preparatory program is optimal alertness. Our school focuses on the intellectual, creative, social, and emotional growth of its students. We’re small. All the students know each other. Teachers know all the students. And the small class sizes create a learning environment where every relationship matters and every voice is encouraged and expected. Students from 30 countries have walked through our doors allowing for a rich mosaic of perspectives and preferences.

Affordable Living: Lowest Median Home Price in the Nation

One of the standout features of living in Iowa is its affordability. According to recent data, Iowa boasts the lowest median home price in the nation. This affordability allows families to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle without the financial strain experienced in many other states. Fairfield, in particular, offers a range of housing options, from charming historic homes to modern residences, all at accessible prices.

So Why Choose Fairfield?

Fairfield is a vibrant community that offers a perfect blend of small-town charm and modern amenities. Here are a few reasons why Fairfield stands out:

  • Cultural Richness: Fairfield is known for its cultural diversity and vibrant arts scene. The town hosts numerous cultural events, festivals, and performances throughout the year.
  • Strong Community: Fairfield residents take pride in their strong sense of community. The town is known for its friendly atmosphere, making it easy for newcomers to feel at home.
  • Quality Education: Maharishi School integrates social-emotional learning into its programs, helping students develop empathy, resilience, and strong interpersonal skills.
  • Natural Beauty: Fairfield is surrounded by picturesque landscapes, offering plenty of outdoor recreational opportunities. From parks and trails to lakes and forests, nature lovers will find plenty to explore.

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