Organic Seed to Plate Program Flourishes at Maharishi School

Students at Maharishi School enjoy lessons in organic gardening and food preparation once a week. This week the fourth, fifth, and sixth-grade girls made creative appetizers with instructor Karen DeAngelis in our commercial kitchen. Each group was given four different Maharishi private School girls make appetizers in the organic school kitchen.ingredients to incorporate and plate in their own unique offering. We were impressed by the delicious and visually appealing treats!

In addition, our first, second, and third-grade students made soup from potatoes they dug up from the garden the week before. It’s like a treasure hunt for the kids, using a spade or pitchfork to turn the soil and discover the delicious tubers that they planted as seed potatoes last spring!

If you’d like to read more about our organic greenhouse, gardens, and kitchen please visit Karen’s website!