Our Vibrant Community – Fairfield, Iowa

When I told friends that I was leaving the busy, eclectic Philadelphia suburb that had been home to my daughter and me, I got a lot of head tilts and quizzical expressions.  “But why?”  “Won’t you be bored?”  “What is there to do in Idaho?”

Iowa, people. Iowa.  And after almost ten years of living here, I promise you; I have never been bored.

french fries, mussels, and aioli from the Cider House in Fairfield, Iowa. Photo credit: Cider House InstagramBeyond the constant access to the natural world, and all the activities and outdoor sports that come with it, there are community and cultural events for every group and style. The Iowa food scene is never lacking either, with choices from all over the world, and organic and local food produced right here in Fairfield are as good or better than any I’ve ever tasted.

For a small glimpse of the events in and around Fairfield, check out this calendar from The Iowa Source. I was excited to see that Garrison Keillor will be in Des Moines on the sixth—must score tickets!

Beyond the scenery, the entertainment, and the food, Iowa feels like home for the kind way people treat each other. The balance between friendliness and politeness, interest and tact, is one that feels just right to me. In my younger years, I never would have predicted that the Midwest would be my perfect fit, but life is full of surprises! Iowa Nice is a reality, and it’s what has made Fairfield my hometown of choice.

Fireflies at dusk by Maharishi School alumni Taylor Ross. https://www.instagram.com/p/BXDh2goDXC8/?taken-by=taylorlmross

Thanks to Taylor Ross and Cider House for the photographs!