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Pioneering their way with robots

Congratulations to the Maharishi School Robotics team who are FTC Iowa State Championship bound, Your hard work, dedication, and innovative thinking haverobotics team paid off! The Robotics team surged from 17th to 5th place at their league event, qualifying them for State.

Coaches tell their story

Mr. Pradeep Aikar and Mr. Jeremy Blitz Jones are the coaches for this program, and through their guidance we have seen so much progress with Pioneer Robotics. They highlighted the teams journey below:
“We at Pioneer Robotics have had our set of challenges this year with fewer than 4 students working on Engineering and Robot design, and 3 students working on outreach. The sheer sense of small size of our team meant everyone was stretched to maximum capacity. What really benefited us this year was the snow days that we got additional time to work on our robot. Coupled with the dedicated, and reliable team members, we were able to put on a fantastic show.”
“Phuong, Jessie and Pranit worked on getting our outreach going. This area requires us to connect with the local community engineering firms. We also do outreach with non technical groups, like students and community members who are not involved in robotics. We show them our robot and present what we do at First Tech Challenge. Jessie and Pranit together put a drone designed by them in a designated area on the game field that launches paper. This time our drone launcher was one of the most reliable scoring elements that consistently scored 20 points.”
“Miles and Keshav were our engineers who put the hardware together. They build the chassis on which the robot is built and all other score elements of the robot. We have a claw mounted on the arm that picks up the pixel and places them on a board. They attached a hook on which the robot suspends itself in the end game. Miles came up with a plan of a claw design and mounted it on the robot that did extremely well. He 3D printed parts of the robot so that we have an additional advantage when it comes to scoring.”
robotics team“Poojita worked on 3D printing and design work related to prototyping and final design of the hook. She made clear concise designs of the hook which allowed us to experiment on suspending the robot on a truss.”
“Ishita worked on coding and programming the robot so that all the scoring elements of the robot works synchronically controlled from a gamepad. She also worked on a section of the robot that requires the robot to autonomously work on tasks without the intervention of a human player.”
“Team Pioneer Robotics had a wonderful day at the competition. It was freezing cold on a Saturday morning when temperatures were close to -19F and the bus was even colder. We arrived at the venue and had a quick meeting. We know our robot was mostly ready to perform. The first thing we do is get our robot inspected. We passed the inspection, wherein the judges checked for the dimensions of the robot, safety standards and about 50 different parameters that the robot has to meet in order to participate in the competition.”
“Our team then went for a judging interview where they were asked about their journey and their contribution to the Engineering Portfolio. The Engineering Portfolio is a 15 page document which illustrates the building, programming, fundraising, outreach and any other aspect of developing our robot.
The two coaches and mentors, Mr. Jeremey Blitz Jones and Mr. Pradeep Aikar advised students to stay calm, composed and enjoy the process of the competition.
The teams then prepared the robot for the matches. In these matches the robot picks up pixels which are 3 inch sided hexagonal prisms and places them on to the board. There are many different ways the robot can score points.”
Our robot was built to score in every possible aspect of the game. We scored above 100 points in every game. We started at 17 on the ranking scale and moved up to rank 5 in the tournament. These were the achievements of our team in the Regional Meet.
1. Winners of the Control Award.
2. First time for Pioneer Robotics to be the winning captain alliance.
3. The highest performing team of the day.
4. Team advanced to State Level.
We at Pioneer Robotics are optimistic and looking forward to continuing working on our robot for the State Level competition. If you feel that you want to extend your support in any possible way, please feel free to connect with our team.

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