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What’s Working At Maharishi School Like?


Hearing from the teachers who work with the students, and from the staff who make it all possible, is a unique window into the life of Maharishi School. Their words will resonate in your heart as they express their genuine thoughts for the work they do.

Being a Maharishi School teacher has allowed me to combine my love of children, my love of teaching and my commitment to Maharishi’s Vedic Science into one very fulfilling profession. Throughout my many years of teaching here, I could not imagine doing anything else.
Teaching in this uniquely supportive and nourishing environment has made it possible for me to grow both as a teacher and as a person in the quickest and happiest way possible. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Maharishi School!
—Charlotte Zmachinsky, Lower School Teacher
One of the reasons I most like working at Maharishi School is due to the amount of respect I have for my bosses. I fully appreciate how dedicated they are to the students and faculty, and how much compassion and care they give every day on the job and during their personal time. One of the best things about being a smaller school is how much individual attention each student receives, and on a daily basis, I see my colleagues invested in the success of every single one of their students. As a parent, I feel the school is a safe, and loving environment for my daughter to flourish, learn, and grow.
—Emmy Auge, Registrar & Administrative Assistant
I love working with my students because they each have such an enlivened consciousness. I am finding the teacher learns much more than the students. It also allows me to experience how Consciousness-Based Education is practically applied to this age group.
It is the school with the most experience of Consciousness-Based Education in the world.  I really appreciate the diverse cultures and ethnicities.  Also, I enjoy the flexibility, innovation, and resourcefulness of the staff.
—Josephine Ruffin, Middle School Consciousness, Connections, and Life Skills (CCLS) Teacher
My time at Maharishi School has become my favorite teaching experience. I especially enjoy the freedom to design my curriculum in creative ways and integrate Social and Emotional Learning into every lesson.
Add to this my daily happy experiences with colleagues who offer constant support and inspiration, and I feel that I am exactly where I should be, doing exactly what I should be doing– for my own growth and the growth of others.
—David Pohlman, Upper School CCLS Teacher, Head of Residence Life
I like that my individuality is appreciated here at Maharishi School. I not only get to just be, but also get to work on my being. The same is true for my children and my students.
—Avani Bhakti, Middle School Math Teacher
I love the diversity of the school. There are students from all over the world. I am so grateful that Lily gets to experience people from different cultures. I believe this will be a great asset when she goes off to college or in the workplace.
—Trish Fenton, Purchaser
I enjoy working at Maharishi School because the school encourages holistic living and learning. Moreover, the students here seem to be naturally thoughtful, empathetic, and driven, and the staff and faculty are a tight-knit, caring community. It’s as if everyone is more in tune with the root of everyone and everything else.
—Jason Walls, College Counselor and
Upper School Language Arts Teacher
We love teaching and coaching here–sharing deep silence and dynamic learning with our students every day is an educator’s dream.
—Mr. Lawrence Eyre, Upper School
Social Studies Teacher
—Mrs. Laurie Eyre, Head of Math Department
I have the unique position of being a parent to a kindergartner at Maharishi School and working as the Upper School art teacher. Being a part of the faculty dialogue has allowed me to see firsthand the care and consideration for the students and the Maharishi School community. I find great reassurance in knowing that her teachers are supported in their work, as I have been.
The opportunity for our daughter to attend Maharishi School was one of the main factors in our decision to relocate from Boston two years ago. We took a leap toward a new life that we hoped would provide more time and space for friends, family, and art making. It was important that each member of our family could thrive here, and seeing our daughter make friends and grow into herself has been incredible. Maharishi School is right at the center of our family’s shared experience and confirms that our big leap was worth it.
—Susan Metrican, Upper School Art Teacher
My son Eliot has been attending Maharishi School since 1st grade.
I love the smaller classes, the cultural diversity (more than 30 countries represented), and the focus on self development that goes side by side with the academics.
The school has given my son the tools to mature into a self introspecting, kind, open minded young man. I am grateful for the strong foundation it has given him for the future.
—Valerie Gamble, Preschool Teacher