Creativity Circle

5th/6th Graders Focus on Creativity

5th/6th Graders Focus on Creativity

The 5/6 Science of Creative Intelligence (SCI) class has a new structure this year. Mrs. Bordow is teaching the boys, and Ms. Zmachinsky is teaching the girls. Sometimes the classes are combined for whole group activities.

During the past two weeks, the students have been enjoying challenging and fun-filled activities as they focused on the SCI Fundamental of Creativity. During the first week, each class met separately and discussed different ways creativity is expressed in their lives. After that they worked on “ creative challenges” such as group skits in which they created and solved a mystery. Each team had to use a sheet of fabric as their only prop, and they had five minutes to create the entire skit!

Because the practice of the Transcencental Meditation technique provides so many benefits to an individual—including an increase in creative thinking, the whole group met together for a “refresher course” of the first two classes following TM instruction. Practical understanding of correct meditation, and the effects of TM on the mind and body were discussed. A number of students mentioned that they felt their TM program was enriched from this knowledge.

The two weeks ended with a Celebration. The whole group sat together in a circle for a mini class meeting and gave compliments to one another (Positive Discipline curriculum). This was followed by a lively, fun—and definitely creative—game of Charades! It was the perfect finale for our SCI unit.

-via Lower School Newsletter by Laura Bordow.

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