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Consciousness-Based Education – We’re Different

Consciousness-Based Education Defined

In the words of our Head of Schools, Dr. Richard Beall…

“We can define consciousness very simply: How alert or awake are we, to our environment or ourselves? At Maharishi School, the foundation of our college preparatory program is optimal alertness. This isn’t a new idea. The Latin roots of “education” contain two concepts. First, educare: to train or mold. That’s traditional education. Students are like empty vessels to be filled with information, or unformed clay to be molded into shape by outer hands.

But there’s a second root concept, educere: to lead out. That’s inside-out education. That’s acknowledging that there is something inherent within each student to be nurtured and unfolded. That’s been missing from education, and that’s what Consciousness-Based Education (CBE) provides: inner development for outer success. That’s 200% education.”

Consciousness-Based Education and Meditation

What if you could start your day with clarity?

What if you could start your day grounded and focused?

We give your headspace a little breathing room so that you can start your day with potential.

Every single day, students and teachers at Maharishi School close their eyes for a few minutes to practice the Transcendental Meditation® technique and experience a state of rest that is deeper than sleep.

When your body is rested, powerful chain reactions are set forth. Blood pressure normalizes. Heart rates slow down. The brain gets more oxygen. Big problems become small problems and stress becomes manageable.

At Maharishi School, meditation is the cornerstone of our unique learning model. Imagine driving through a rainy, stormy night without your headlights working. The road is dark and you have to drive with fear, small mistakes almost guaranteed to happen. That’s what our brains and bodies are like on stress.

Getting adequate sleep is like having functional headlights. This is the absolute, bare minimum. You can see what is ahead and the stress lessens, but that drive down a dark road remains challenging. However, practicing the Transcendental Meditation® technique does more – it quietens the stormy mind.

When our bodies and brains are functioning optimally, it’s suddenly like driving on a bright, sunny day where you can see with clarity, move with purpose, and travel beyond your comfort zone without leaving your center.

Research studies show us through neuroplasticity that the mind is not fixed, but expandable. We don’t just fill students heads with information, we systematically expand the container of knowledge, the student’s own consciousness. With this expansion, absorbing new ideas becomes simpler, friendships deepen, and you start to understand how you are connected to and interconnected with the world.

We call this Consciousness-Based education. Because expanding consciousness is a game changer.


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