Sex Ed, Health Curriculum

Exciting News! – Comprehensive Social/Emotional Education

Rights, Respect & Responsibility: A K-12 Sexuality Education Program

As has been discussed at parents’ meetings and through email communication, the Lower School is now ready to begin teaching this important new aspect of social/emotional development. Titled as a “sexuality” curriculum can be a bit misleading, as the program encompasses so much more and includes a collection of lesson plans on a wide range of topics such as: self-understanding, family, growth and development, friendship, sexuality, life skills, and health promotion. Sex Ed, Health Curriculum

While many sexuality education materials have addressed the adolescents, the organization Advocates 
for Youth realized that such education must begin much earlier. Learning about good communication, safety in relationships, and growth and development lays a foundation that can support healthy relationships and healthy behaviors throughout a person’s lifetime.

Students in grades 1&2 will begin lessons in mid-November. Students in grades 3&4 will begin lessons on November 7, and will continue the first and third Wednesday of each month. Students in grades 5&6 have had their first lesson entitled, “Figuring out Friendships” and will continue with the next lesson during hte week of November 9.

Going forward, parents will be emailed a schedule for when each lesson will be taught, and a link for you to view the lesson in advance. You can always email Laura or your child’s teacher with any questions you might have.

The website from which we draw our curriculum can be found by clicking here. If you then click “lesson plans” you will be taken to a link that allows you to download all lesson plans.


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