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Exciting News – New Dorms!

In our last blog post, we mentioned that there are many exciting things happening around Maharishi School. In our last blog post, we mentioned that we had been ranked #1 Private School in Iowa. In that same blog, we hinted that there were many more new and exciting things to be announced. Well, the second item on that list is our new dormitory! 

  Maharishi School has opened the dormitory to further the boarding opportunities for students who would like to attend the school. In past years, we have utilized host parents in our boarding program. We still have that system in place, but having a dormitory opens many possibilities.

We are excited to have many of our boarding students in one building – boys at one end, girls at the other. Having students together helps create a deeper sense of community within our student population. In addition, we plan to make the common area in the dorms a hub for student activities, 

including non-boarding students. We are excited to utilize this space for group studying, projects, learning, building relationships, and hosting school community activities. Already, we have hosted a Welcome Party for new students where our student council members mingled with new students and answered many questions about school life and what to expect at Maharishi School.

So far, everyone is enjoying their new home-away-from-home. We have 10 boarding students who are settling in and preparing for the school year. They are making connections and building friendships we hope last a lifetime. We are thrilled to have these students here and to provide an opportunity for future students who wish to attend Maharishi School but are based out of town.


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Hannah Nichols
Marketing and PR
Maharishi School
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