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First of Its Kind for Maharishi School – Esports Victory

ESports Victory

Sage Cenatori is a true pioneer for the Maharishi School, recently bringing home the first place trophy from a tournament held at the WACO high school in Wayland, Iowa. This trophy is unique, not just because it was 3D printed during the competition, but because it was for an Esports tournament. Esports are video games that are played professionally and are generally watched by large audiences online and in person. Over 100 Universities and Colleges now offer athletic scholarships for budding Esport stars such as Sage, and many high school leagues have sprung up all around the country.

The Tournament

The recent tournament at WACO hosted 32 students from 8 different schools at their state-of-the-art Esports Arena. Students competed in a game called Fortnite which involves strategically building and battling their way to be the last player alive. Competitors have to protect themselves from their opponents while posturing for the high ground in a small arena. The battles are short, generally lasting about 5 minutes, but the action is blazingly fast.

Taking Home the Trophy

Drew Ayrit, the tournament organizer said Sage “dominated” the competition as Sage went undefeated through the bracket. Sage took home the first place honors along with his trophy and a specially designed gaming chair from Bytespeed who sponsored the event.

There was a clear buzz around Sage throughout the tournament as spectators and fellow students huddled close to watch as Sage methodically and creatively outsmart and outplay his opponents. Reaction times and hand-eye coordination are only part of the skill set necessary to be victorious. Much like traditional sports, there is a back and forth between opponents as they learn each other’s strengths and weaknesses and decide how to approach each strategically unique situation. No battle is the same and creativity and flexibility are essential to be victorious.

Number One Challenge 

After the tournament, Sage said that “the fear of losing” was his number one challenge and that he didn’t just get used to it or learn how to deal with it but clearly “overcame” it throughout the course of the day.

Sage comes home with a well-deserved victory, and the Maharishi School adds another avenue for showcasing the creativity, intelligence, and mental toughness of their students. Congratulations to Sage for this pioneering accomplishment and hopefully this is the first of many trophies to be brought home to the Maharishi School.
– written by Owen Blake


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