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What Do You Miss About Maharishi School?

Maharishi School Alumni

It’s 2022 and as is common with the beginning of a new year we take a moment to think about what we want out of this new chapter of our lives. What goals do we want to accomplish or new habits that we want to form? As we reflect on our future, it’s also fun to take a look back at the past. That’s why I’ve asked some of our incredible Alumni this question, “What do you miss most about Maharishi School?”




“What I miss most about the school is the tennis season, being able to be part of a team and going out to compete for the school.”


Chandre Morales, Graduating Class of 2016


“I miss the nurturing nature and the support of the faculty and staff at Maharishiyenet school.”

Yenet Tafesse, Graduating Class of 2020




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“The perspectives and diversity that I experienced at Maharishi School is unprecedented. I also believe that the discussions had in the classrooms, between peers, and teachers from multitudes of backgrounds teach us far more than we sometimes care to realize and that in of itself, is one of the best teachers we can ask for.”


Devan Burke, Graduating Class of 2018



maharishi school alumni

“I miss having meditation scheduled into my day and the rest that gave me, but I miss my classmates most of all.”


Jaya Muehlman, Graduating Class of 2015



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“I think that Maharishi School is such a unique setting and school that stands out in many ways from other institutions. One thing in particular that I came to realize was so special about Maharishi School was the bond that you form with your classmates”


Daniel Zhu, Graduating Class of 2018




 “I miss the flexibility of my teachers and my peers, and the loving and supportive environment of the school and i definitely miss it.”

Neethu Yammanur, Graduating Class of 2020

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maharishi school alumni




“I will be forever grateful for the knowledge taught here at the Maharishi School and continue to use it for my own development and the development of my clients.”

Owen Blake, Graduating Class of 2008



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