Maharishi School Robotics Team

Nut and Bolt – Our Robotics Team Competes

Nut and Bolt – Our Robotics Team Competes

Competition: January 27th, 2018

Meet Our Team

Maharishi School Robotics Team

Maharishi School Robotics Team shows off their skills in a community demonstration.

Nut and Bolt is a nine-person robotics team from Maharishi High School. The robotics team includes five twelfth grade students, three tenth grade students, and one ninth grade student who are all instructed and supervised by Mr. Jones. A Maharishi School Robotics Team representative said, “Out of our nine team members, we have a 5:4 ratio of boys to girls. We have teammates from China, Ethiopia, India, South Korea and United States. With great diversity, we discover and help each other and have created a strong harmony between us.”

Team Growth

FIRST Tech Challenge has been introduced to Maharishi School for three years. Each year, the team has learned and grown. This year, our team has reached a new peak. We have improved immensely in aspects including the robotic design and building, coding, fundraising, journal, engineering notebook, outreach, and sustainability.

Team Goals

Maharishi School’s Robotics Team’s goal this year is to make use of our resources to achieve high-quality development in all the aspects of the challenge. Specifically, we are aim to qualify for the State Competition and continue to be a competitive team in all the competitions with the use of computer vision, strong autonomous skills, and teamwork. Meanwhile, we focus on the general improvement of creative thinking, collaboration, and technical skills of every teammate. We hope to make the FIRST Tech Challenge an experience that’s fulfilling and helpful for students, now and in the future.

Material for this blog post comes from the Robotics Team’s Executive Summary.

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