Parent Experiences

Parent Experiences

Meet Our Students

Maharishi School students are as diverse a group of students as you’ll ever meet, but they’re all alike in one important way—the assertion of their unique personalities.  When conformity isn’t socially mandated, when self-expression and love are encouraged, when opportunities are afforded to learn about, expand, and share what makes them shine, that’s when you see kids who are able to grow towards and fulfill their highest potential.

Our students came to Maharishi School on a lot of different paths. They are treated and taught as individuals. Each student and their family is unique. Instead of trying to tell their stories, we want them to tell their stories. The following are testimonials from parents of students who attend Maharishi School.

Parent Testimonials


Living in Atlanta, we came to visit Fairfield and Maharishi School with our children for one week. After one week, we decided to move and try it for a year. Our work allowed us to live anywhere. 10 years later we’re happier than we can imagine. Our oldest is off to college, our 10th grader is thriving, and we are part of a close, diverse community of adults and children that I couldn’t imagine being without. Come.


If I were asked to rank all the accredited private schools in the United States, I would immediately select the award-winning Maharishi School as #1. My son was fortunate to attend from pre-school through 12th grade, and, as a result, he has become a successful, caring, responsible, happy, and healthy adult with a brilliant future. The faculty, administration, unique curriculum, growth opportunities, extracurricular activities, parental support, alumni success, and highly supportive environment are second to no other place. See “Maharishi School” video on YouTube to get some feeling for what is special about Maharishi School!


This is a beautiful school. Children are nurtured by wonderful enlightened human beings. I have witnessed my children performing so well in the school and showcasing their best creative skills. A big thanks to school administration and teachers for making this school a paradise for children.


My kids have flourished beyond my expectations. Every year, they get more clear on who they are and the School gives them the time and space to explore and develop their passions. It’s a loving, rigorous, and innovative place.


I love this school for its small class sizes, interest in developing every child’s inner and outer potential, and family like atmosphere. It’s hard to imagine my children going to school anywhere else.


My son has attended Maharishi School for the last 3 years and he loves the school so much. The teachers are amazing, the curriculum and activities offered are second to none, and the faculty and staff are always striving to improve and evolve with the children’s and the community’s growing needs. I highly recommend this school.


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