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Pioneer Boys Tennis Match on 4/21

Coach Steve Briggs Match Report

After several weeks of cold, wind, and rain, the Pioneers made the most of favorable weather, scoring a hard fought victory over FHS.

“We came out on top, but we were 2 points from losing,” acknowledged Steve Briggs. “Zak was a point from losing at #2 and Dominic/Mekhi were a point from losing at #3 doubles. But that’s why we emphasize mental strength. The margin of victory can be slim.”

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Jayanta Wegman

tennis boys maharishi

Dominic DuPoux

Jayanta Wegman dominated his singles match and played a strong 2nd set in doubles to secure the winning point for the Pioneers. Dominic DuPoux played an equally strong singles match and anchored #3 doubles, repeatedly coming up with clutch volleys when it counted.

Pioneer Players of the Match: Jay and Dominic.
The Pioneers travel to Pella on Saturday.

 Singles Results

Po.MatchupSet 1Set 2Set 3Result
1 Garrett Flanagan vs.  Ruimin Luo6-46-4winner-team-logo 2-0
2 Jace Hannes vs.  Zak Askar3-66-113-11winner-team-logo 2-1
3 Brendan Marcellus vs.  Polo Altynski-Ross6-46-2winner-team-logo 2-0
4 Dil Hurlin vs.  Jayanta Wegman6-16-1winner-team-logo 2-0
5 Aidan Flanagan vs.  Dominic Dupoux6-06-1winner-team-logo 2-0
6 Jack Unger vs.  Mekhi Kahiu6-14-610-3winner-team-logo 2-1

 Doubles Results

Po.MatchupSet 1Set 2Set 3Result
1 Garrett Flanagan/Jace Hannes vs.  Zak Askar/Ruimin Luo7-66-42-0
2 Dil Hurlin/Brendan Marcellus vs.  Polo Altynski-Ross/Jayanta Wegman7-56-1winner-team-logo 2-0
3 Jack Unger/Aidan Flanagan vs.  Mekhi Kahiu/Dominic Dupoux6-1 (4-6)12-10winner-team-logo 1-1
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