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So Your Child is Attending Private School – Here’s How to Prepare

So you are planning to send your child to private school next year? You are probably feeling nervous. You are probably wondering if your child is nervous. You worry that there might be something you forget or overlook because you can’t anticipate everything that might be different about private school. All of this is normal. Don’t worry, regardless of where your child plans to attend school, everyone wants you as prepared as possible. No question is a new question. Hopefully the information that follows is helpful to ease some worry and anxiety!


What to Wear

Private schools tend to have dress codes. Most are fairly simple, but some require clothing with the school logo. If the school your child is attending requires a specific logo or emblem on the clothing, they will direct you to the place you can purchase this article of clothing. For example, at Maharishi School, we go through Lands’ End for our school uniforms. We provide a special link to our uniforms


What to Bring

Just like at public school, private schools have school supply lists. Each grade level at each school is slightly different, but they lists tend to be predictable. Older kids need special calculators; younger kids need crayons and colored pencils. None of that is a surprise. Feel free to view our supply list as an example. We have a few lists for our different age groups.


What to Expect

Each private school is different. Each school starts on a slightly different date, but usually in August or September. Usually there are a few different school breaks throughout the year. There are different extracurricular activities for each school. The best place to turn is your school’s calendar. It will give you the best picture of what is going on throughout the school year, what dates to put on your calendar, and when events take place.

Although the atmosphere within each school is different, expect private schools to be a little smaller, to have a tight knit community, and to have it’s own sort of dynamic. One thing you should absolutely expect is to feel welcomed by your school, to feel at home, and to feel included. If you are not feeling like this within your school, please consider it the school’s mistake, not your own. There are other options out there. Read about one here.

In summary, private schools are different but not that different. There are many, many benefits to private schooling, and each one is unique. However, all schools are here to educate. That is the important thing to remember. Take comfort knowing that everything will be okay. To be prepared, read the material your school provides. If you have questions, ask them. Make sure you feel welcome and included in your schools community.


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