What Does Rocketry Have to Do With Real Life?

Our Rocketry Team

First, if you haven’t heard about our rocketry team, let’s take a moment to get you caught up. Here is a quote from our Head of School, Dr. Beall, summing up the TARC season:

“11 Maharishi School students were in Virginia for the Team America Rocketry Challenge nationals. We qualified three teams by scoring among the 100 top performers in the months leading up to nationals, from more than 800 entries. On Saturday morning 99 of them launched and all three of our teams qualified for the Finals in the afternoon, now the Top 44.

The final results? One of our teams finished in 7th Place and another in 10th Place. Both teams received $5000 cash awards. And Maharishi School was the only school with two Top 10 teams.

And Rick Rudloff was named the national Outstanding Team Advisor!!”

In addition to our TARC season, our students were working with NASA (yes, literally the NASA) on another launch that his its own set of qualifying factors and process.

Things to Learn in Rocketry and Use Forever

Aside from our rocketry teams’ success, they learned something they can apply to anything and be more successful. They learned to find balance. Of course, learning the technical skills required to have successful launches is very important and is something these students will take with them into their futures. However, even if they do not pursue a career in rocketry or programming or design or any of the number of things they are learning to do, they will have learned the priceless skill of balancing and prioritizing different tasks in a way that leads them to success.

As you may have gathered from the above description of our season, our kids are busy! They excel, but they have to learn to prioritize. This means asking themselves tough questions:

“What tasks help me reach my goals?”

“What do we need to do first to be most successful?”

“What’s the most effecient path toward our desired outcome?”

“Which problem is the most important to solve?”

Balancing expectations and prioritizing tasks are crucial skills to learn. These are skills that will serve our students the rest of their lives. When discussing with Mr. Rudloff a moment he was most proud of in addition to being proud of the teams’ accomplishments, he was proud of their ability to balance tasks and priorities in order to succeed, the ability to take criticism and learn from it, and that the teams learned from obstacles to come out stronger and more prepared for things they could not predict.  Those are some pretty invaluable skills!


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Hannah Nichols
Marketing and PR
Maharishi School
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