Pioneer Tennis Player of the Tournament 5/9

Pioneer Player of the Tournament: Ruimin Luo

Pioneer freshman Ruimin Luo won 2 key matches for the Pioneers in district play today. His upset win over the tournament’s #3 seeded player from Assumption was fueled by firm resolve, some big time forehands, and plenty of hustle.

“Ruimin’s played all but one match at #1 this spring. There’s more pressure at 1 because every team has a strong player at the top. For a freshman who’s been playing less than a year to finish 3rd in district is unheard of. Most of the top players are upperclassmen who have been playing for 5 or 6 years… some much longer. I hope Ruimin

ruimin tennis

 appreciates how well he’s done in a very short period of time. I picked up a racket at age 6 and so I know what a huge advantage early training gives a player,” explained Coach Briggs.
Congratulations to Ruimin, the Pioneer Player of the Tournament. 
On May 12th the Pioneer Boys tennis team will play against Mt. Pleasant for the right to play in the Sub-state team tournament on Wednesday, May 18th. This game begins at 9 am until 4 pm tomorrow, May 12th. Good luck Pioneer Boys!

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