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Success – How Do We Measure It?

All the Talk About Success

We all talk about success a lot. We all feel the pressure to succeed, and depending on our reaction to the pressure, we handle our own level of success very differently. Success means something different to everyone. Some measure success by monetary standards. Some measure it by name recognition or fame. Maybe the problem with success isn’t the different ways we define it but how we measure it.

Two Ways to Measure

At Maharishi School, we measure success in two ways.

The way we look at success is by considering inner development and outer achievement. While outer achievement is exciting and worthwhile, it is empty without inner development. We can measure our inner development in two ways. The first way we measure success is by looking at our failures. There will always be failures and setbacks on the path to success. The only way to reach our goals is to be tenacious, persistent, and to learn from that failure. Some of the best and hardest to learn lessons come in moments of failure. Without those moments, we may never find the depth of our success. The second way to measure the inner development of our success is by finding a way to be passionate about what we are doing.

We encourage students to be their own best. Of course, our students are graded on their work. However, they are also encouraged to be themselves, find their own success – failure included – and be passionate about whatever they are drawn toward.

Success looks different for everyone. We encourage our students to find out what it means for them.

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