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Summertime for Boarding Students: Pandemic Edition

Have you been wondering what our boarding students are doing this summer?

Given the restrictions on gatherings of large groups, and considering the safety and protection of our summer in the dorms for boarding studentsboarding students, we’re still able to provide them a fun and active summertime experience! Read this blog to see how we’ve modified our summer schedule to suit the needs of our kids.

What is an average “day in the life” of a boarding student during summertime?

Many of our boarders are involved in enrichment courses with the Maharishi School faculty– to strengthen math and language skills. This prepares them for the upcoming school year.
Other students are taking regular tennis lessons. Each week a new activity is available as hosted by the boarding student supervisor’s; for example this week, a couple of boarders are doing the Laser Tag Camp.
Monday through Friday we have a delicious catered lunch from the Golden Dome Market and our local HyVee caters lunches on the weekends. Sushi remains a regular weekend favorite of boarding students being sillythe boarding students.
Our students take regular walks and trips to the stores/cafes on the Fairfield Square.
We can accommodate any special requests by our boarding students as long as they are within the guidelines as designated by the CDC and the administrators of Maharishi School.

What are some fun weekend activities that are available during the summer for boarding students?

Under normal conditions we would be going to movies, shopping at the mall, eating out, seeing performances at Sondheim, going to Adventureland, trampoline park, water park, pool, etc. Because of the pandemic this creates various limitations, however we host game and movie nights in our dormitory for the kids!
boarding students fun summerAnother perk of summertime for the boarding students it that they get to sleep in for as long as they are comfortable, but bedtimes remain the same as during the school year. Click here to see what the daily routine is for a boarding student during the school year!
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