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How Do I Know If I Know Myself?

Knowing Yourself is Hard

Knowing yourself is a complicated goal. We can’t really measure whether we are in touch with ourselves. Of course, there are those we give of indicators of what it might look like to know ourselves, but it is not easy to prove. Also, there are a lot of things in this world to know. Students have curriculum – math, science, English, and so on – to know. Adults have their jobs or careers to understand, taxes to do, kids to raise, finances to balance, just to name a few. So it seems like a lot to ask to ‘know yourself’ on top of all that.

Know Yourself – In SchoolA Maharishi School student practices Transcendental Meditation in Fairfield, Iowa. Photo credit Fotoveda.

We believe the key to preparedness and academic success is to first understand ourselves. We give students the space and tools to learn more about themselves – their innermost nature, passions, strengths, weaknesses, and goals. We believe this is the beginning of the path to real success.

At Maharishi School, meditation is the cornerstone of our unique learning model. Imagine driving through a rainy, stormy night without your headlights working. The road is dark and you have to drive with fear, small mistakes almost guaranteed to happen. That’s what our brains and bodies are like on stress. We use meditation as a tool, one of the ways we equip students for success, to manage stress because stress is ever-present in life. Instead of expecting stress to disappear, we teach our students to manage it for a more balanced life – again, on the path to success.

Research studies show us through neuroplasticity that the mind is not fixed, but expandable. We don’t just fill student’s heads with information, we systematically expand the container of knowledge, the student’s own consciousness. With this expansion, absorbing new ideas becomes simpler, friendships deepen, and you start to understand how you are connected to and interconnected with the world.

Long Story Short…

To answer the question “how do I know if I know myself,” instead ask, “have I taken the time to get to know myself?” If you take time to know yourself, inside and out, you give yourself the space and ability to accomplish your goal – to better understand yourself.

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Hannah Nichols
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