Pioneer Girls Tennis Match Report on 4/21

Tennis Coach Lawrence Eyre Reportstennis girls


“Thursday was inspiring. Every high school tennis player in Fairfield took to the courts. It was high energy tennis, fairly played–with friends across the net.”

 Singles Results

Po.MatchupSet 1Set 2Set 3Result
1 Lily Fenton vs.  Tess Paton8-6winner-team-logo 1-0
2 Ishita Mukadam vs.  Sydney Wells8-1winner-team-logo 1-0
3 Vaisnavii Mohanraj vs.  Madison Greiner8-0winner-team-logo 1-0
4 Isabella Castle vs.  Giteeka Adhikari8-0winner-team-logo 1-0
5 Saraswati Quevedo-Valls vs.  Emma Wendland8-1winner-team-logo 1-0
6 Daira Valls Blazquez vs.  Emily Simpson7-1winner-team-logo 1-0

 Doubles Results

Po.MatchupSet 1Set 2Set 3Result
1 Lily Fenton/Ishita Mukadam vs.  Tess Paton/Madison Greiner8-51-0
2 Vaisnavii Mohanraj/Isabella Castle vs.  Sydney Wells/Emma Wendland8-41-0
3 Saraswati Quevedo-Valls/Daira Valls Blazquez vs.  Giteeka Adhikari/Emily Simpson8-41-0

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