Pioneer Girls vs Keokuk tennis match 4/25

Tennis Coach Lawrence Eyre Reports


pioneer girls tennis maharishi Pioneer girls lifted their dual meet record to 4-0 with an 8-1 win over Keokuk on the road.
#1 Lily Fenton and #2 Ishita Mukhadam blanked their opponents in singles and combined to shut out Keokuk’s #1 doubles team as well.
“Challenging conditions today called for flexible tactics–our players adapted well to circumstances beyond their control and made the most of their opportunities.”
Maharishi hosts Albia girls tomorrow (Tuesday) at the Punj Tennis Center at 4:30 pm

 Singles Results

Po.MatchupSet 1Set 2Set 3Result
1 Sophia Rule vs.  Lily Fenton8-0winner-team-logo 1-0
2 Julia de Gala vs.  Ishita Mukadam8-0winner-team-logo 1-0
3 Adi Robinson vs.  Vaisnavii Mohanraj8-1winner-team-logo 1-0
4 Jaelyn Johnson vs.  Isabella Castle8-5winner-team-logo 1-0
5 Brittney Kelly vs.  Saraswati Quevedo-Valls8-3winner-team-logo 1-0
6 Sophia Rule vs.  Daira Valls Blazquez8-3winner-team-logo 1-0

 Doubles Results

Po.MatchupSet 1Set 2Set 3Result
1 Olivia Rule/Julia de Gala vs.  Lily Fenton/Ishita Mukadam8-0winner-team-logo 1-0
2 Adi Robinson/Jaelyn Johnson vs.  Vaisnavii Mohanraj/Isabella Castle8-4winner-team-logo 1-0
3 Brittney Kelly/Sophia Rule vs.  Saraswati Quevedo-Valls/Daira Valls Blazquez8-6winner-team-logo 1-0

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