pioneer girls tennis team

Maharishi Girls’ Tennis 9 Burlington Notre Dame 0

Tennis Coach Lawrence Match Report

The Pioneers upped their season record to 6-0 with a 9-0 win over Burlington Notre Dame that was also a race against the rain. “There was a sense of urgency for both teams today–we barely finished our matches before the clouds opened.”
Bella Castle sparkled with an 8-0 victory at #4 singles, and she teamed up with Vaisnavii Mohanraj for an 8-1 win at #2 doubles.
Maharishi will host the Pioneer Invitational this Saturday, with round robin play in two singles flights and two doubles draws.  Albia, Centerville, Davis County and Burlington Notre Dame will be joining the Pioneers at the Punj Tennis Center outdoors for match play starting at 9 am.

 Singles Results

Po.MatchupSet 1Set 2Set 3Result
1 Elizabeth Hamma vs.  Lily Fenton8-1winner-team-logo 1-0
2 Ashi Pennaka vs.  Ishita Mukadam8-0winner-team-logo 1-0
3 Isabella Blaufuss vs.  Vaisnavii Mohanraj8-4winner-team-logo 1-0
4 Shona Andersen vs.  Isabella Castle8-0winner-team-logo 1-0
5 Jasmine Jong vs.  Saraswati Quevedo-Valls8-2winner-team-logo 1-0
6 Chloe Diewold vs.  Daira Valls Blazquez8-2winner-team-logo 1-0

 Doubles Results

Po.MatchupSet 1Set 2Set 3Result
1 Elizabeth Hamma/Ashi Pennaka vs.  Lily Fenton/Ishita Mukadam8-1winner-team-logo 1-0
2 Isabella Blaufuss/Shona Andersen vs.  Isabella Castle/Vaisnavii Mohanraj8-1winner-team-logo 1-0
3 Jasmine Jong/Chloe Diewold vs.  Saraswati Quevedo-Valls/Daira Valls Blazquez8-3winner-team-logo 1-0

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