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Why We Choose Organic Food

Why We Choose Organic Food

Maharishi School is committed to offering its students the healthiest meal choices possible. To maximize learning and provide the greatest nutritional value, Maharishi School encourages students to eat a healthy, organic diet.

We want to physically provide the nourishment each child needs to thrive. As part of our health education about the Eastern modality of health, Ayurveda, we build our lunches to encourage healthy digestion. Ayurveda promotes the benefits of healthy, balanced, and properly cooked food.

Our Cafeteria

For those who prefer to eat in our cafeteria, we serve a delicious and wholesome organic vegetarian lunch. Protein is provided by a variety of legumes, tofu, nuts, and dairy products. The daily lunch also offers whole grains, a variety of salads and vegetables, fresh fruit, and delicious desserts. Most of the vegetables are grown in our own campus greenhouses or locally grown in Fairfield.

organic foodsThere are many reasons we choose organic food. According to the Huffington Post, “fewer toxins will go straight into their bodies,” when kids eat organic food. Not only that, but fewer toxins go into our environment, which provides a safer, more sustainable future for our kids.

We are sensitive to the different dietary needs of students so we allow students to bring a packed lunch and eat in the cafeteria. That way, they are able to select what food sounds good to them or meets their specific dietary needs. However, we work hard to make sure our lunches, provided by the school, are well balanced with consideration to food allergies and sensitivities.

Outside Our Cafeteria

In addition to the food we serve on campus, students may go home at lunchtime and eat with their families or host families or they may choose from a wide variety of restaurants in the city of Fairfield. We want to give students to nourish themselves in a way that works for them.

For students who dine out, the downtown area of Fairfield is only a short walk, bike ride or drive from the school. Over 35 restaurants offer a great variety of meals including Asian, American, Indian, Italian, Mediterranean and Mexican cuisine, which include meat entrees. Fairfield has more restaurants per capita than San Francisco, California!

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